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10 ideas to recycle everyday items
07 August, 2019

Recycling items from our everyday life doesn’t require as much manual work as it seems at first glance. We will show you that it can be very simple and fun. 

Help the planet and save at the same time ?! It can be done! 

Here are the products you will recycle:

  • Toothbrush 

Dentists recommend that we change toothbrushes every 3 months for good dental health. The problem is that we are creating a lot of waste.

So the solution is to reuse the used toothbrushes. How?

 Toothbrushes work very well on cleaning shoe soles. If you have never tried it, save your used brush and see for yourself. Give it a try on your Verney model and make it shine ?.

  • Used jars

When you finish your favorite jelly, you don’t need to throw the jar away! It can have many uses. Use it as a plant pot, for decoration and even to serve desserts. You’ll impress your guests the next time they visit you ?

  • Shoe boxes

Your shoe boxes don’t have to go in the trash right away! They are a great tool for storing in your cabinets. Your paperwork no longer needs to be messed up if you put this tip into practice.

  • Old clothes

You know that old sweater you’re thinking of throwing away? Well, we’ll give you an idea to recycle it Why not cut it so that it becomes wiping cloths? You’re saving money and the environment! 

  • Old furniture

Did you know that 128 forest football fields are destroyed per hour? It’s an impressive number, right? If we can help, by reusing the wood we have at home, we’re already doing our part. 

Start by reusing your old wooden furniture that you want to throw away. Our first tip is to think twice if you don’t prefer to restore it. With some dedication, it can look even more beautiful! 

But if you’re really determined to get rid of it, we have another solution: cut it into pieces and use it as firewood for the stove. This way you’re being more sustainable and ensuring that you’re not contributing to environmental pollution. 

  • Dishwashing water

While washing dishes, we are wasting a lot of water. Put a bowl on the basin and reuse the water to do toilet discharges!

  • Shopping Bags 

Maybe you already have implemented this tip, but it never hurts to remember how to be sustainable! Your plastic shopping bags may have a new use if you turn them garbage bags. You’re saving plastic because you avoid buying bags and you reuse the ones you already have.

  • Old newspapers

This is a tip that our grandparents used. The truth is that newspapers have a shelf life of 1 week, right? So our idea is to reuse them to clean windows. Never tried it? See for yourself how well it works!

  • Used cans

Bring new life to old metal cans and use them to store seeds, to hold pencils and pens or even as plant pots. Use your creativity and be sustainable!

  • Old tires

Did you know that your old tires can have many new functions? You can use them to make benches, place them in the garden with plants or even make a swing. 


Ready to recycle? At Verney we are doing our part, choosing plastic collected from one of India’s most polluted rivers as raw material. Follow us on our social networks to learn more about our sustainable mission.