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15 facts about Verney
13 November, 2019

Verney is almost a year old! A year of sharing and friendship with our fantastic audience, following the motto of sustainability.

And we think the best way to celebrate this date is to tell you 15 facts about our brand, facts that you still don’t know.

Let’s do it! ?

1. The founders of Verney were born in France and Canada;

2. They met in the master’s degree at the University of Minho;

3. All the people involved in the project studied at the University of Minho;

4. The company is based in Póvoa de Lanhoso. This is a rural and traditional area, however, it doesn’t rule out environmental consciousness and protection;

5. The youngest member is only 21 years old;

6. The idea of creating Verney arose during the masters that both attended in the Innovation and Knowledge Economy’s class;

7. But only 1 year ago was it possible to have all the conditions to put it together for its launch;

8. We held a launch event on December 9th with bloggers and influencers to celebrate the launching of our e-commerce;

9. We want to internationalize Verney taking not only our shoes but also the quality and the name of Portugal further away;

10. We are constantly present at several trade fairs to gather contacts and keep up with the latest trends and innovations regarding footwear components;

11. We need to visit many factories to see what the right partners are;

12. We produce in different factories taking into account the skills and aptitudes of each one for a particular style of shoe. However, they are all from the north of Portugal;

13. The factories with which Verney works, also produce for brands known internationally;

14. We don’t create collections;

15. In recent times we have appeared in more than 40 media news which reveals a growing concern of the media and society itself with these issues.

Are you admired by some of these facts? Verney is full of surprises!

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