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About Us

Verney is a brand of footwear
that does not test on animals
and sees itself as cruelty-free,

i.e., it does not use materials of animal origin in the manufacture of its articles.

We are eco-friendly. We are committed with the broadest intrinsic values to social and environmental responsibility, and have joined in the constant struggle to defend animals, as well as the environment.

The range of Verney products consists of models with Nordic inspiration and with timeless designs. Our objective is to avoid excessive consumerism, that often translates into an attack on the environment and on eco-friendly culture.

We want to ensure alternatives with greater awareness to consumers, without compromising all of the characteristics sought at the time of selecting the footwear, such as quality, comfort, durability and style.

Thus, the Verney models consist of cruelty-free materials that comply with standards of ecology and sustainability, developed by qualified manpower and proudly Portuguese, recognised worldwide in the footwear sector.

The factories we work with are located in the North of Portugal, with an impeccable know-how in the sector, which ensures all of the working conditions for the professionals, thus complying with the standards of defending human rights.