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Celebrate Easter as a vegan: we interviewed Filipa Range
19 April, 2019

Easter season is very attached to traditions, especially food traditions. For a vegetarian or vegan person, it may seem difficult to fit in.

With the help of Filipa Range, a Portuguese vegan blogger, you will surely realize how easy and simple it can be to live these festive seasons regardless of your lifestyle!

You will also know a little more about the emergence of veganism in Filipa’s life and how it is, for her, to be vegan in Portugal.

I made the decision to adopt this lifestyle in 2013, after seeing “Earthlings”.



  1. What made you change to veganism?

I made the decision to adopt this lifestyle in 2013, after seeing “Earthlings”. Briefly, this documentary addresses all the issues related to animal exploitation, the environment and health. I was 25 years old and it was my first contact with veganism. Before, I never stopped to think about the impact of my daily choices on the lives of other beings, on my health and on the planet. Until that day. Veganism thus naturally became part of my life.

  1. Was it a radical or progressive change?

It was an overnight change. I know it’s not very common, but it wouldn’t make sense to me otherwise. I quickly removed animals from my food and began to replace all the products I used (clothing, footwear, cosmetics, cleaning, etc.) for vegan options. I studied a lot so that the transition was done without complications, and fortunately everything went well.

  1. Is it easy to find vegan items?

It gets easier every day! I notice a large increase of vegan products in Portugal. Six years ago, the offer was more limited (vegan products weren’t easily found on large commercial surfaces, for example). It’s no coincidence that veganism has been pointed out on the media as one of the major trends of the season.

  1. Now that you’re a vegan, do you feel like you’ve changed your life for the better?

In many ways! Being a vegan taught me to respect the Planet and all forms of life, to be more aware about my food choices, to look for more sustainable options and, above all, to be more tolerant and compassionate.

  1. What is it like to be vegan at Easter / Is it easy to be vegan at Easter?How do you see this tradition?

I admit that it’s a little hard for me to watch rampant consumerism for animal origin products and for candy during these festive times!They’re two different things, but they both bother me.I think all the excitement about Easter eggs, chocolate-covered almonds, etc. is exaggerated. The younger ones are easily carried throughout this sugar show and have no ability to filter it. As far as animals are concerned, the feeling is pure sadness, for realizing how rooted in our culture is the consumption of living beings on days of celebration. Apart from that, being vegan during Easter is easy. There are innumerable options for those who don’t eat animals and I don’t feel at all excluded during this time.

  1. What are your traditions, in terms of food, at Easter?

Easter has no special meaning for me, I admit that I almost see it as normal day ? However, this turns out to be an opportunity to be with family and get along. I have no food tradition at Easter, but I use this opportunity to make a new dish and show everyone how delicious vegan food is! This year I’m thinking of making a stuffed Easter egg, but I haven’t yet decided which combination of flavors to use.

  1. What’s the influence of sustainable brands like Verney in your life?

It gives me great satisfaction when I see a Portuguese brand with the same values I stand for, entering the market. Verney was no exception and won me right away! It has products with quality, ethics and appealing design. I use it in my daily life, and I’m anxious to discover what the new collection brings!

Undoubtedly, Filipa Range shows us with this interview that this sustainable change only depends on each one of us. It can be as simple as she made it be, by literally becoming vegan from one day to the next.

Create your own traditions on holidays and don’t get carried away by the fear of non-acceptance. Be free to make your choices, map your way, and live happily with them!

Many thanks to Filipa for her encouraging interview. It’s certainly an example to follow!

The Lenten season is the perfect time to try one of her delicious vegan recipes available on her blog A Cozinha Verde.

Happy Easter!