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CF: what is it and how to identify it?
29 May, 2019

In this article we will really understand what the famous term cruelty-free is all about.

This term applies to all the products that haven’t been tested on animals. You don’t need to be vegan to make this conscious choice.

The excuse that animal tests are needed is no longer valid. Even the European Union recently banned the import and sale of cosmetics products tested on animals in European territory.
Get to know some of the alternatives to animal tests:

-Artificial skin/strong>

To assess, for example, the potential for causing skin irritation, alternatives such as the reconstituted human epidermis may be used.

–“In vitro” tests

Skin sensitization effects can be predicted from examination of “in vitro” proteins in a test tube, and photo-toxicity can also be evaluated with a cell-based test.

-Use of ingredients already tested

In addition to the above alternatives, companies can prove that their products are safe using established ingredients. There are almost 20,000 ingredients in the European Union database, with available information on proven safety data.
These modern methods are more relevant to humans and have been found to have better efficacy in predicting reactions than traditional and outdated tests in animals.

Now that you know that cruelty-free products are completely safe, you just need to figure out how to find them. Sometimes it can be difficult to realize which are the very products we can trust, with so much offer on the market.
To identify which companies have this commitment, Cruelty Free International has created “Leaping Bunny,” a title given to brands that choose not to test their products on animals nor to buy ingredients from sellers who have this practice. To win this “label”, companies undergo rigorous processes. Just go to the institution’s website and enter the name of a brand to see if it’s part of the list.

PETA goes even further with its “Beauty without Bunnies” campaign and offers a complete list of cruelty-free brands and non cruelty-free. In addition, there’s an app we can download to our phone and easily answer those questions while we’re shopping.

These institutions make the job much easier, but another way of perceiving whether a brand tests on animals is by looking at the packaging.
When a brand is cruelty-free, it has a label from the above-mentioned institutions or others. It’s as easy as that!

The most important thing is that more and more companies understand the weight of this concept and make this change, just as it’s essential that each one of us make the right choice when it comes to buying.
Verney is vegan and cruelty-free from its foundation, because we want to ensure more conscious alternatives to consumers.

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