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Fashion trends for Summer 2019 footwear
27 March, 2019

Verney wants to give you reasons to buy sustainable fashion and not to use excuses like: “Oh, it doesn’t suit me”; “sustainable fashion has a very hippie look, it doesn’t match my look”; “Sustainable fashion is no fun”.

Finally and fortunately, we are witnessing a fashion industry trend in betting on sustainable fashion allied to the abolition of garments, footwear and accessories made of materials of animal origin. In 2018, we have witnessed the beginning of a sustainable turn from leading brands in the market. The tendency is that during this year of 2019 this will become more evident due to the urgency of reducing the sector’s environmental impact.

By the end of 2018, Pinterest has already confirmed this trend, as sustainable fashion researches on the platform have increased by 34%. There’s no excuses now for not considering more sustainable and ecological options.

Specifically, in the footwear sector, trends are not very different from what we are used to. Progressively, we begin to embark on the path of ecology, not only in the matter of materials used in the manufacture of articles, but also in the question of timelessness that goes hand in hand with sustainability, since it does not encourage excessive consumption every new season.

The color of Summer 2019 was also revealed during the end of last year by Pantone. Considering the current situation and thinking about marine life that is dying due to plastic at sea, the company chose “Living Coral” as the trend color of this summer. A color full of life and that certainly will make us reflect for the reasons behind the decision of it becoming the great trend this year.

Regarding the styles: Flatforms will rule in all types of models, from sandals to sneakers, especially those made from ecological and natural materials, as is the case of cork, raffia, and rope… The sky is the limit!

In terms of sandals, Mules are still a good choice, with or without a heel, combined with relaxed looks and a few bold one, the hard part will be choosing … but do not forget, be conscious! Flats are still in this year and they’re the perfect match for summer getaways. Check our Mule style!