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Get to know the advantages of online shopping
16 October, 2019


No doubt that being able to shop from home, in the comfort of your sofa or even in bed, is very appealing. 

In addition, you can also receive your order at home, which means buying online doesn’t involve any type of movement.


When you buy online, you have access to a lot of ways of payment. The consumer decides which one pleases him the most. This is more advantageous than in physical stores, where they usually only allow to pay cash or card.

In Verney’s online store you have 3 payment options: Payment on delivery; Paypal and Payment of Services in your ATM. You just have to choose ?


It’s perfectly normal that you enjoy having privacy as a consumer. When you buy in physical stores, this privacy is compromised because anyone can see what you buy.

The same doesn’t happen online, where only you know what you choose to acquire. 


With the day-to-day running, sometimes it’s hard to take the time to do the shopping you so badly need. Given that physical stores only work during the day, it’s even more difficult. 

This is another advantage of online shopping, as it works 24 hours a day. Did you know that even promotions start early on the internet?


Buying online is a more sustainable practice as it doesn’t involve building physical stores and large commercial spaces as we are accustomed to see. 

Many brands choose having an online store because they learn this advantage. This is also Verney’s case. 

When you buy on our site, you have another additional advantage: we do free returns and deliveries in Europe. If you decide to return your model just follow the instructions in the box. Pretty easy, right? 

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Now that you know the advantages of shopping online, are you ready to give it a try?