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How are Verney shoes made?
06 March, 2019

First of all, it should be noted that the main components of Verney’s articles are the love and dedication with which they are worked through in every production process from the moment they are conceived until they are delivered to the customer. When you receive one of our models at home, you will be sure to notice all the time and affection that was placed in it so that it would arrive at your home in the best way possible.

And this happens because we are a brand made in Portugal that works with people who are truly talented and passionate about their work that we can and do reward with the best working conditions.

The production process is long, with many details, involves a lot of people and has a meticulous handcraft work.

To begin with, environmental concerns are essential and not even the materials we use in our shoes break the rule! We make a very careful selection of the ecological materials that will be used, so that it doesn’t compromise very important aspects for us: comfort, durability, environmental impact, etc.

After this selection, all materials are received in the factories and subject to a new evaluation and quality control, to ensure that everything is in compliance with our sustainability policy.

From this point on, the productive process itself begins:

– The ecological materials are sent to the modeler that cuts several molds according to the prototype and then cuts the materials into pieces: vamp, tongue, heel cap, etc.

– The pieces are then sent to the sewing section to be joined. At this stage, the shoe is already being shaped and it is also here that the eyelets, buckles and all the intended decorative pieces are placed, as well as the connection of the exterior to the lining, which will be in contact with the foot.

– Afterwards, the shoe goes to the assembly line, where the form is fixed to the sole and adjustments are made so that the shoe is perfect: attach the welt on the sole, attach the sole to the pieces, press the sole on the pieces and, finally, unlasting the shoe.

– The next step is in the finishing line, which is a process of details like putting on the laces, cleaning, and giving it some finishing touches.

– Finally, the shoes are packed to be delivered to the final customer in the best conditions!

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