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How to be a sustainable tourist
12 June, 2019

Summer is almost here and with it comes the desire of vacation. We begin to dream and plan the best destination for this year. But in making that choice, we must always keep in mind what kind of tourism we are promoting and supporting. The tourism industry has major implications for the environment and for the sustainability of the planet. We know that much of it, because it is not properly planned, has damaged the environment. It’s not right to destroy fauna and flora for our personal well-being, right?

Some of the more negative impacts of tourism are increased solid waste production, maritime pollution and landscape degradation with the creation of hotels, restaurants, etc. The ideal would be to avoid such places that don’t make sustainability a priority.

However, there are other ways to reduce the negative impact caused by tourism. I’m going to give you some tips on how to choose sustainable tourism, by changing habits. You’ll want to put them into practice this summer.

– Choose well what you take with you

Vacations begin even before reaching the destination. Especially when you’re packing your suitcase. Pack only the essentials and preferably sustainable articles. Check out some of Verney’s cruelty-free models here. In addition to being sustainable, they’re very practical and comfortable.

– Say no to overconsumption

When we go on vacation, we almost feel a certain need to spend money unnecessarily. The things we buy end up becoming more waste for the planet. So, buy things with moderation!

Leave only footprints and don’t bring anything else

It’s totally normal wanting to bring a souvenir of the place you visit, but it’s not sustainable. Have you thought about what happened if everyone else did the same? The only memories you should bring are those sold in a way that protects nature or something that you take from the place and which will certainly have much more meaning. Also, never leave trash behind. Did you know that since 1994, plastic garbage on beaches has increased 140%?

– Buy from local businesses

Choose local companies over large multinationals. This applies to hotels where you sleep, restaurants, activities, etc. This way, you’re supporting the local economy. In the case of multinationals, money rarely comes to local populations.

– Despise animal abuses

Do your research well before engaging in tourist activities related to animals, especially wildlife. Many of these places abuse animals for money and shouldn’t be supported.

– Don’t print boarding passes

This tip is very simple to implement and helps protect the environment. Nowadays we bring our cellphones everywhere. So why not bring the boarding passes in digital format and avoid wasting paper?

– Use public transport

In tourist places it’s easy to find public transport everywhere. Use them whenever possible and necessary. You can always opt for going on foot, as long as you have comfortable and practical footwear! You will enjoy much more of the trip; the environment and you’re being sustainable.

– Prefer season dishes

When a visitor chooses food from the region he is visiting, and seasonal dishes, he is choosing to consume less impact. Fewer resources are required in their production and are transported over shorter distances, emitting fewer greenhouse gases. 

Do you accept the challenge? You’re helping a lot by using these sustainable tips. Traveling is great and if we can do it consciously, even better. ?