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How to be more animal-friendly?
30 May, 2019

Being animal friendly is not as simple as just being a vegetarian. It is, indeed, much more than that! Being animal-friendly implies being conscious as a consumer, realizing the impact of the human being on animal life and taking a stand.

Take, for example, the acquisition of pet animals:
The habit of buying animals in stores or from private individuals is still a thing, but there’s a more conscious option, which is to adopt. Besides being totally free, adopting an animal in an institution has many advantages, such as free sterilization and deworming of the animal. In addition, unfortunately there are still many abandoned animals on the streets, in need of a home.
It’s very important that after adopting, you treat the animal well at home. Even because, having children, you are creating a negative example if you don’t. We need to raise them since they’re little to choose a life of peaceful communion with animals.

Our role as a consumer can and should also be more animal-friendly:
Knowing how to buy conscious products may seem difficult, but just pay attention to packaging. Always choose brands that don’t test on animals and, if possible, vegan ones.

Nowadays sustainable fashion appears more as an animal-friendly option:
We are talking about brands already established in the market that choose to make a conscious turn and others that appear as an alternative to cruelty. Verney is an excellent representative of this concept, as is totally cruelty-free and is also vegan. The only tests we do on animals are whether they approve our models. ?

As far as food is concerned, the ideal would be to choose organic products, especially eggs, because we know that in industry, chickens are subjected to the most terrible forms of abuse and violence. Choosing organic eggs is a small step that has little impact on our lives, but which may gradually bring a positive change for animals.

As a society, what we can do best to become more animal-friendly is changing our mindset:
Don’t use tradition as an argument for bullfighting. Tradition can never justify violence.
Don’t defend circuses or other kind of animal abuse because it’s not hurting them, without knowing what goes on behind the stage.
Don’t support clothing brands that use animal products with the argument that meat is used for food.

We need to understand that we share Earth with other incredible living beings just like us. And give a voice to the injustices they suffer daily. Choosing to change actions because we care.

Challenge yourself to make an animal-friendly choice on a daily basis and you’ll see the positive impact you can have on society. In doing so you are choosing a way, not the easiest, but the most conscious. #chooseyourway