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How to have a sustainable wardrobe?
09 October, 2019

Today we’ll present you a simple step by step to be able to have a sustainable wardrobe

Season changes are perhaps the best time to organize and restructure your closet. 

To begin with, separate the cloth you use often and what you never use. Gather the articles you never use and divide them into groups: Change; Donate; Sell  

Change: Some articles you never wear for silly reasons, right? So what you should do is solve these “problems” in a seamstress or by dedicating your time to sewing. You’re saving money and maybe starting a new hobby ?

Donate: Those old articles that you no longer use, choose to donate to people who need them. They are just taking up space, and someone certainly needs them.

Sell: There are more and more online stores and even physical ones that buy and sell used clothes. Become an entrepreneur and sell your articles in good condition. 


Finally, leave your closet organized by categories to easily look and see what you have and what you need. You will certainly be more conscious and avoid buying something you already have!


When shopping, there are also many factors to take into account to have a sustainable wardrobe. First, here’s what you should do: Divide; Reflect; Choose.

Divide: There’s always something new we need to buy. We need a new pair of sneakers, a dress for a ceremony, etc. Our idea is to mentally divide the items to buy by priorities. When we talk about priorities, we mean time and budget. 

So, you won’t need to buy everything at the same time, and you have time to think and choose the best item and the best price. 

Reflect: Don’t get carried away by consumerism! Buy only what you need and will use. 

If there’s an item you really want to buy, but don’t really need, think about it for a while and then make a decision. It’s okay to buy something unnecessary that will make you happy once in a while. The important thing is to be conscious and don’t do it all the time.

Choose: This is a very important point because it meets what we choose to support, in terms of articles and brand. 

Give preference to timelessness, that is, choose to buy articles that don’t go out of fashion easily and are versatile, which you use on several occasions. 

An example of versatility is our Victory model. They’re the perfect pair to wear day by day with jeans, on a special day combined with a dress or even on a beach day!

The impact of the fashion industry on the environment is huge and among the infinite number of brands on the market, there are those who choose sustainability. Verney is one of those brands that opts for sustainability. As a consumer, you should always choose environmentally friend options.


These are our tips for getting a sustainable wardrobe. Notice that being conscious is the way to go. We all need to improve the way we consume and decrease our footprint. Get started today on being more conscious?