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Learn more about the impact of technology on the environment
06 November, 2019

Technology has evolved a great deal over the years and our lives have been impacted by technological developments in so many different ways that we decided to address this issue.

We want to show you how technology has influenced sustainable development, both negatively and positively.

Looking around, we are easily aware of the technological advances in the last decades, and the following numbers prove it: in the year 2000, there were about 415 thousand devices connected to the internet, that is, computers. By 2016 and considering all kinds of devices that existed, there were about 3.5 million.

Notice the disadvantages of this growth:

It requires the consumption of non-renewable resources;
Increased pollution of the environment at various levels;
One is air pollution, which has increased so much over the years that 5.5 million people die each year as a result.
Devices have a short lifespan and consume a large number of resources;
Apart from the destruction of the environment, this reality also incites unbridled consumerism.
Increased radiation present on the planet;
Soil contamination due to illegal landfills.
On the other hand, get to know the positive impact of technology on the environment:
It helps us to develop new sustainable materials and technologies;
It allows us to monitor and study our environment to better understand how it works and the impact of our actions on it;
It allows us to reduce the distance between people separated geographically, which reduces the environmental impact of the constant trips;
It enables online communication, thereby reducing waste of paper and destruction of forests;
Among all the advantages of the technology we talked about, it’s important to note the role it can play in protecting the environment. Why not use it in favor of sustainable development?

It is our responsibility to live our lives in a conscious way. This can be achieved by reducing the resources used to a minimum, such as packaging, vehicles and purchases.
Sometimes people get so excited about a new technology that they ignore its negative impact on the environment.
It is vital that we use technology more intelligently and more responsibly, so that we are contributing to sustainable development.
At Verney, we use technology to promote sustainability and raise awareness.
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