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Learn more about the materials we use at Verney
04 September, 2019

At Verney, we think of each model as a new opportunity to innovate in a sustainable way. To do so, we try to choose ecological materials that at the same time do not harm the planet and preferably of recycled materials.

From the outside of the shoe, through the lining and the insole, all our materials are sustainable!

Finding these innovative materials is not easy and it implies some research on our part. It’s very important to us that, in addition to sustainability, these materials stand out due to their quality

That’s why we used high-tech synthetics, which look very similar to the skin. The advantage is that they are cruelty-free ?

We know that skins of animal origin have quality and are very durable, which causes strangeness when we speak about synthetics. However, nowadays synthetics already have the same quality, or better yet than the skins. You don’t believe? Try one of our models and see for yourself!

Among the materials we use we have to mention coconut, bamboo and cereals!
You may wonder to what extent it is sustainable to use raw materials from nature, but its selection is also thought. We only use those that are not in danger of extinction. 

For example, bamboo is considered a pest in countries like China and Colombia. That’s why this raw material is used for many purposes, among them, to build houses, floors, pool decks and even vessels. At Verney, we use it to produce sustainable footwear ?. 

In terms of recycled materials, we have applied several different ones in our models. Faced with increasingly scarce natural resources, we need to think of new materials, processes and practices that are more sustainable and respectful of the environment.

We do this by using waste that, because it’s not destroyed, avoids the emission of CO2 that increases the greenhouse effect and global warming, eliminating the use of pesticides and reducing the consumption of water used in normal production processes.

One of the materials we use is made from recycled cotton from used clothes and treated to be turned into shoes. 

We also have other material made from recycled plastic, collected in the Mediterranean Sea. Using recycled plastic is a great way to reduce ocean pollution and give it a new life.


In terms of materials, Verney has even more news coming soon, always with the motto of sustainability. Follow us on social networks to keep up with everything.?