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Made in Portugal: symbol of quality
21 August, 2019

The concept “Made in Portugal” is on everyone’s lips. On this side, Portuguese companies are aware of the quality of the domestic product and the opportunity for investment in exports. Outside, they like and want to buy Portuguese products.

In 2018, according to the estimates of the Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, the industry produced 7.5 billion euros and exported 5.3 billion, the highest value ever and the equivalent of 10% of the country’s total sales abroad.  

These numbers are very important for the country and for the Portuguese people. They demonstrate a growth that we always ambitioned and the quality with which we produce. But this is no surprise ? 

Our best quality symbols are undoubtedly the wines, port wines, olive oil, delicacies, cork products, handicraft and footwear. They are domestic products that we pride ourselves on and that foreigners love!

It’s true that Portugal is an entrepreneurial and innovative country and Verney is a good example of this. We’re proud to be able to say that our production is made in Portugal, a country with excellent labor. Our cruelty-free footwear took its first steps in Portugal and nowadays it’s walking abroad. Our goal is, step by step, to make it go even further, bringing with us the “Made in Portugal“ concept.

All of us, as a community, have the important mission of choosing national products. And we have every reason to do so! One of the best reasons is that we are consuming products that generate added value in Portugal.


So don’t forget, the next time you go shopping, think twice about the choice you’re making. And buy “Made in Portugal“ products!