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Myths about veganism
24 July, 2019

The stigma and prejudice about veganism are huge still. When combined with doubt, they often lead to disbelief of this sustainable lifestyle. Let us then demystify veganism and let you make your choice well informed!


Know some myths about veganism:



  • It is very difficult to become vegan. 


Each person is different, right? So the experience will always be unique and will vary according to many external factors. Most important, of course, is having willpower. It will determine how difficult or easy it is to choose this lifestyle. 

And if you keep in mind all the reasons in favor of this change, you will gain even more strength to overcome the challenge. 

Remember that you don’t have to change from one day to the next. It can and should be a gradual adaptation.


  • Vegetarianism and veganism are the same.  


This is another myth that many people believe. A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat or fish, which means this is simply a diet. A vegan person consumes no animal products, both in terms of food and everything else, hence it’s a way of life. To know more click here.


  • Vegans lack iron/ protein.


This myth appears because iron derived from plants has a lower rate of absorption than iron derived from meats. However, iron deficiency anemia is no more common among vegans than in any other group. 

That said, vegans should always have a very careful diet, given their restrictions. 


  • Vegans diets make people fat from having many carbohydrate.


There are fatter and thinner people in all kinds of diets. So what you need to take into account is how you are feeding yourself. 

Thinking that a dish is healthy because it has no meat, it’s wrong. When we eat meat, we should always keep in mind the amount of carbohydrates we consume and the same happens when we don’t. 

What we can’t forget is that the diet we choose won’t determine whether we’re fat or thin. It’s important to exercise and maintain a healthy diet, always choosing to eat lots of vegetables!


  • Vegans have more difficulty on gaining muscle mass.


It’s a myth because the combination of cereals (such as rice, corn, oats and others) with legumes (such as beans and soybeans) already guarantees the amount of protein found in meat and eggs.

Being vegan is more expensive

There are currently many products available in the market and a variety of prices and brands. It’s normal that the price is still a bit high. The trend is that more and more products will be available and probably cheaper. 

It’s important not to forget that it can be more expensive at the moment, but in the long run it becomes cheaper. Also think about the environmental impact which is more important and it’s what will guarantee the continuity of our existence.

Being informed and managing your budget is the right path, regardless of your lifestyle. 


  • Children can’t be vegans.


Children can certainly be vegans, as long as their food is very well planned, with a nutritionist help and very careful monitoring.

Look at the example of Filipa Range, who chose to integrate her child into her vegan lifestyle and talks about her experience.  


Now that we have clarified your doubts, what are you waiting for? Give veganism a chance and see for yourself the improvements it can bring to your life?