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Plant a tree, have a child and write a book: Verney’s approach
31 July, 2019

It is said that every man before he dies must “Plant a tree, have a child, and write a book“. However, each one interprets this expression in his own way. 

Let’s talk a little bit about what lies behind this well-known phrase, as well as Verney’s approach.


Plant a tree

The only certainty we have since we were born is that we belong to this wonderful place that is the planet Earth. Our mission should be to preserve it for being our true home. 

So it makes perfect sense for Verney to reflect on the first part, “Plant a Tree“. It doesn’t mean that we should take the expression seriously! It means that as living beings, we must become conscious of our important role in protecting the environment. “Plant a tree” is to defend the sustainability of the planet.

And why not start putting it into practice by planting a tree? ?


Have a child:

To have a child is to share knowledge and leave a legacy. This task of the human being is one of the most complexes of all. In today’s world, having a child is a great responsibility. 

Verney’s approach to the expression “Have a child” is, in fact, to leave an inheritance in the world and in the people around us, to create a positive and valuable impact. That is why at Verney we work not only to make our customers happy, but also for a better world, knowing that we create and share something that is contributing to the non-degradation of the planet. And knowing that in the future it will mean renewal of generations and a more sustainable planet. 

When you leave this world, leave your positive mark and the way you do it is totally in your hands.

Also reflect on your ecological footprint and the impact it will have on future generations. Because the mark that you leave in the environment is determinant. 


Write a book

This last part goes with our motto: #chooseyourway. We believe that each of us goes our own way. This expression encourages in that sense. 

Reflect on this: If you would read your own book, would you like your story? 

Write your story daily so that you are living in your favorite book! Make each chapter a new overcome obstacle and a new goal achieved. Always combine you new paragraphs with sustainability. Live your story in communion with Nature and other beings.


We’ve talked a little about our approach, but we want to know what’s yours!

Tell us how you choose your path, taking this phrase into account, through Verney’s Facebook and Instagram.