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Plastic: the biggest challenge of the 21st century
18 September, 2019

We hear everywhere that plastic is becoming a big enemy of the environment. And we should believe because unfortunately it’s no myth. Plastic is undoubtedly the great environmental challenge of the 21st century!

If you’re wondering why this problem is getting so much worse over the years, look around you. How many plastic products can you see? Some, right? And if you think about how many plastic products you use during the day, the number increases a lot.

As humans we’re too addicted to plastic and our lifestyle is deteriorating planet Earth! It’s causing problems such as the formation of plastic islands in the oceans, suffocation, eating and poisoning of marine animals. The human hand is behind these problems.


The situation isn’t easy, but we can always do our part, including sustainable practices in our day to day life. Here’s how you can help lessen the impact of plastic:


We’ve heard of recycling for a long time, but in fact of all the plastic already produced in the world so far, only 9% has been recycled. Surprised?

Divide your domestic waste by categories (Paper, Plastic, Glass) and place it in the right containers. Your contribution is essential!

Opt for sustainable solutions when shopping;

When shopping, pay attention to the new sustainable solutions that the market offers, such as metal straws. 

There are already many brands that in favor of sustainable fashion and society’s awareness of environmental impacts, are using garbage as raw material. In the case of Verney, we’ll launch new models made from plastic bottles collected in one of the most polluted rivers in India. 

Such sustainable initiatives are very important and should therefore be considered by us, consumers.

  • Don’t leave trash on the beaches;

In the 21st century, there are still many people who insist on leaving trash behind on the beaches. Be conscious when you go to the beach and, if possible, make it even cleaner than you found it.

Avoid buying plastic products.

Buying in bulk is a great option, but choosing simplistic products that don’t involve large packaging is a solution, especially if it’s not plastic. Although waste of paper is also a problem, its deterioration in the environment is much faster, so choose paper!


Verney does its part, as a sustainable brand. In addition to the initiative mentioned above, when you receive your order at home, you will quickly realize that we don’t use plastic in the packaging. The same happens before you have your favorite model on your hands, or, in this case, on your feet We say no to plastic. And you?

You can already start making a difference and join us and WWF Portugal in the #STOPPLASTIC initiative that aims to organize practical and effective actions to combat plastic. By participating in this solidarity draw you are entitled to win a Vera style (size 39) or a Vanille style (size 40).

To do this, just make a donation at this link!