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Slow Fashion: a conscious choice!
22 February, 2019

Slow fashion is still a growing movement. Although it is a concept created more than 10 years ago, it remains a little-known term in some countries and, furthermore its implementation is of utmost urgency, given the enormous environmental impact that its rival fast fashionhas caused.

As you may have noticed, slow fashion stands in opposition to the already well-known and ingrained term of fast fashion, already so popular that is not worth mention except to contextualize the movement of slow fashion. That is the one that really matters!

Slow fashion was born by the enlightened mind of Kate Fletcher (to whom, as of now, we would like to express our gratitude and sincere appreciation here) and inspired by the slow food movement. Kate Fletcher, an inspired and innovative mind, created this version of the “slow” movement applied to the fashion industry, one of the main responsible for the production of non-recyclable nor biodegradable waste and which affect the sustainabilityof the planet and all its ecosystems. Therefore, we would like to share with you some of the values and practices inherent to this movement and that have always been part of Verney’s mindset and inspired its creation:

  • Timelessness is synonymous with sustainability:

Because a real woman likes to dress up and feel pretty and be in fashion! But after all, what does it mean to be infashion? It is doing a complete wardrobe overhaul 4 times a year, because those black boots, with a slight heel and an elastic on each side, are no longer a fashion trend. Now, the trend is black boots, with a slight heel, 2 elastics (one on each side), but with little studs all around to give the wow factor and the elastics in yellow to contrast … and next year, another different style: the elastic is already another color and the studs are also very old school. C’mon… there’s no need to change boots or whatever, just because the society says that now the same boots, but with new effects are the ones in fashion! From slow fashion’s perspective (and ours too) this can never happen! That’s why this movement defends the timelessness of the articles, which means the choice of basic styles and colors, so that they never go out of fashion throughout the seasons and can be reused and even recycled, thus generating less waste and contributing to the planet’s sustainability!

And speaking of elasticated boots … do you already know the Verney’s Veronica model?! It is super timeless and eco-friendly!

  •  Fair trade matches with…ethics!

Slow fashion not only opposes exaggerated consumerism, but also helps ensure fair, conscientious and ethical trade. In addition to stimulating the local economy, it doesn’t contribute to the lack of working conditions in the industries, it guarantees better monitoring of the production process and compliance with the sustainabilityrules and all quality standards. It is also important to highlight the personal touch that the producers and artisans give to the articles and all the talent and love that is invested in them, because they are articles made by people who really are passionate about their work. Contrary to fast fashion which, as we all know, is related to poor working conditions to be able to respond to all the demand, in an exaggeratedly fast way and with mass productions.

  • As Vivienne Westwood said: “Buy less, choose better!”

The price will be one of the least desirable issues, however, we should be conscious in our thinking and reflect a little on this:

  1. production quantities for slow fashionbrands tend to be smaller and with exclusive articles, which doesn’t allow producers to benefit from scale economies;
  2. the cost of high quality materials that guarantee durability, resistance, among other characteristics that weigh on the quality and comfort of the final product, is quite high;

the care, the conscience, the monitoring of the process and, often, the labour makes the final product more expensive. However, it doesn’t only increase in monetary terms, but also in personality that reflects in quality.

So in the end you should weigh in the balance: what repays more? To buy more or to buy better? We must remember that: a goodbye to consumerism, is a hello to the environment.

For all of these reasons, Verney is a proudly Portuguese brand, made by local producers, under the motto of slow fashion! Keep following us ?