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Sustainable brands: 4 reasons to use it
16 November, 2018

“I am not a vegan, so I do not see any benefit to using sustainable brands”.

OK, and this is what we hear people say, words that come from those who have not yet had the pleasure, or the boldness, to experiment and to become properly informed.

But, following the theme of sharing, goodness and compassion that governs Verney (and me too!), I am proud to “set the record straight” for you and I shall give you four reasons that will not leave you indifferent, to use and abuse “ethical brands”:

1. Materials that are “top of the line”:

Think again, if you feel that the ethical brands only use synthetics and that this material has no quality! And think again if you feel that nothing can replace the quality of leather!

Most of the materials used in ethical brands, including at Verney, are as good or better than some leathers and ensure countless properties such as permeability, resistance, comfort and durability. All of them are linked to the fact that they are totally innovative materials.

2. Making you a more responsible and aware person:

Because a better world, one that is fairer and more beautiful, also depends on you.

When you use sustainable brands, you are encouraging and motivating sustainability and therefore, becoming a person with a conscious ecological footprint and one who allows the environment to guarantee its natural resources and us to live many more years on this marvellous planet.

By doing so, I promise you that you will sleep much better at night 😉

3. You can save some more “pocket change”:

Ah, yes, you certainly can! Let me tell you, your wallet will thank you…a lot! Because when you purchase sustainable brands, you avoid contributing to the excessive consumerism we are facing these days, and you will buy less and better.

Why less? Because brands such as Verney offer timeless designs, that won’t go out of style (10 years from now you can still use the same boots and you had better believe you won’t look outdated), i.e., you don’t need to search every year for the perfect pair for all your Winter looks.

And why better? The reasons end up being the same…you will have shoes for many, many years – you can almost leave them as an inheritance!

Marcas sustentáveis: 4 razões para usar

4. It will be easy to find “the right lid for the pot”, that is: a brand that fits your style.

The truth is that countless brands have appeared that are investing “heart and soul” in this area of ecology and sustainability.

Fortunately, we are seeing a market trend towards awareness of ethical and environmental issues. Brands that were always in our top-of-mind, are now understanding the need and the urgency of considering these issues.

So, no matter what your style: casual chic, hippie, rocker or more relaxed, you will always find in these brands pieces to complete the look.

Marcas sustentáveis: 4 razões para usar