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Sustainable initiatives that will inspire you
05 June, 2019

Today is a very important date for Verney, the World Environment Day! Celebrating this day is reflecting on the lifestyle we have taken and changing habits for the sake of sustainability. After all, this is our real home and we want it to be eternal.

For that reason, we would like to present you some environmental projects that have as their motto the sustainability and protection of the environment.

The first sustainable initiative happens in Norway, an increasingly conscious country. It’s the world’s first floating wind farm, built by Statoil, an oil company.
The company, in order to respond to the challenges brought by global warming and improve the planet’s sustainability, has decided to diversify its energy matrix by investing in renewable energy.
This park is capable of supplying power to 20,000 homes, but the expectation for the future is that larger parks with between 50 and 100 turbines are built. What an amazing sustainable initiative!

About 7,000 km away, in China, they are building the world’s first forest city. Expected to be ready by 2020, this city is located in the mountainous region of Guangxi, in the south of the country and covers an area of 175 hectares. The plan includes a green city with homes, offices, schools and hospitals covered by more than 100 plant species. Who else wants to go live there? ??

Finally, let’s talk about an action by the government, the most important ones! It happens in Cockpit Country, Jamaica, a region that harbors one of the last wilderness areas of the country. However, the environment is collapsing. The environmental problems threaten the community that lives there, approximately 2,000 inhabitants, as they suffer from constant flooding.
To reverse this situation, the country adopted an adaptation project aimed at strengthening the slopes of the Cockpit Country rivers, reducing the number of floods in the region and, consequently, preventing the loss of agricultural land. In addition, the project also seeks to strengthen community resources, such as farmland and bridges, to make them more resilient to flooding and erosion.

These kinds of sustainable initiatives make us hope and believe in a better world. Changing our habits from day to day can have as much or more impact, as long as we all have that consciousness. What better way than starting no World Environment Day!
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