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Sustainable practices that you can add to your daily routine:
03 April, 2019

We often want to make a sustainable change in our lives, but we don’t know where to start or how to do it … we don’t want to be radical because change is always a change and there are some old habits that are hard to let go. Therefore, since patience is a virtue and following the teachings of our grandparents who always told us in little ones, “more haste, less speed” I bring you some environmentally friendly practices that you can add to your routine, which will help reduce plastic consumption and create more sustainable and conscious habits.

  • Paper/plastic bags vs Cloth bags

Do you know those cloth bags that people used to go get bread? Well, I have good news for you: it came back to trend again and it’s still usable. The use of cloth bags greatly diminishes the environmental impact and it’s a simple and practical way to begin introducing sustainable practices into day-to-day tasks. Apart from that there is always the possibility of decorating them as we like… only advantages!

  • Use reusable water bottles

When we go out on the street, in the countryside or even on the beach, it isn’t strange (although it’s a sad reality) to see an endless amount of plastic bottles scattered on the floor and polluting the environment. This is the main plastic that ends at sea and harms marine ecosystems.

And it’s so so easy to solve this problem: we simply need to have only 1 bottle of water that we carry with us all day, every day! In addition, it has been proven that bottled water is much more harmful to health and more expensive than tap water. This is because the plastic of the bottles, throughout the process from the producer to the final consumer is exposed to heat and releases toxins that are very harmful to health. And come on, it so easy to fill the bottle from time to time!

  • Give bamboo a try

Brushing teeth is a daily and repetitive practice that at first glance seems very innocent, as well as the continuous and unbridled use of straws to drink that soda we hate to drink straight from the can. Though it’s not exactly a practice, it also has a huge environmental impact.

Plastic tooth brushes have several compounds that make it difficult to recycle them and therefore they’re a very disposable article with a brutal environmental impact. When it comes to straws, it’s even worse… Since they’re made of a light material, they easily end up in the oceans and fragment in microplastics that marine animals and some birds eat because they confuse them with food, which causes death to many species.

Lately, a vegan and much more sustainable option emerged that has been on everyone’s lips (literally): bamboo brushes and bamboo straws, which are a more sustainable and ethical option because they are biodegradable and reusable.

  • Domestic Composting: Why not?!

You’ll probably think it’s a crazy idea, unhygienic and a lot of work, but you’re wrong… it’s a great idea: give back to Earth what belongs to Earth! You can apply it if you live in a house with a large garden, as well as if you live in a studio. What does it take first and foremost? Desire to change the world!

Domestic composting can be done in buckets or wooden boxes, since it’s very practical and takes up little space. Your composer must already have some soil and then just add the kitchen wastes that you do during your day and cover with soil to avoid less desirable animals. Always keeping in mind that only green residues (such as green leaves, flowers, remains of vegetables and fruits, etc.) and brown residues (such as dried grass, wood chips and sawdust, etc.) should be included, therefore meat, fish and dairy products should be avoided.

So? Who is going to help change the world this year with little gestures?! ?