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Sustainable saving: how to put it into practice?
03 July, 2019

“The lack of money is the root of all evil”, said Mark Twain, and in a way we all agreed. Money isn’t everything in life, but it’s very important. And, knowing how to save it, is the key to a comfortable life. Nothing’s better than combining it sustainability, right?

We’ll give you some tips that will help you be more sustainable, lessen your ecological footprint, and also save more money.

  1. Reuse clothes

As time passes, the more we realize that fashion is cyclical. What we used 20 years ago is fashionable again today. Don’t get rid of your clothing quickly, because in a few years you might wear again. 

Also, if you have a piece at home that you don’t use, give it a new use or make changes to your liking. When you buy new things, always opt for sustainable brands that produce timeless items, such as Verney. Get to know our articles in our store. When you choose quality you are also saving money!

  1. Using public transportation

Did you know that more than 95% of the world’s population is exposed to air pollution? That’s true, and car traffic has contributed a lot to that. So it would be ideal if we chose to use public transport. It is undoubtedly a sustainable way of saving money

You can always go on foot or bike, an even more beneficial option in every way, especially for your health.  

  1. Going to sustainable local markets

Large commercial areas have a major environmental impact, both in terms of occupied space and what they sell. They are clearly an incentive to consumerism and there are other alternatives. Whenever possible choose to buy products at local markets, which sell cheaper and sustainable organic products. 

  1. Have a home garden

Another ecological tip that makes the difference is to have a vegetable garden. You may be a dummy when it comes to agriculture but with a little help from your grandparents or even the internet you will find that it can be very easy and even a great hobby. And if you live in an apartment, you can always plant in vases, for example, parsley and peppermint. It’s a simple, sustainable way of saving.


These are some ways to start your sustainable saving, but there are so many more that you can find on a day to day basis. We believe you will notice the difference in your budget while helping the planet. 

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