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The Importance of Books for a More Conscious Society
23 April, 2019

Today is the day to celebrate books and we couldn’t let behind such an important day to Verney.  So important because it represents education, one of the company’s values. “We use the World Book Day as an excuse to speak a bit about one of the greatest values we stand in Verney and which was the main reason for its creation.”

As you could read in our article on the origin of the name Verney, the name Verney is due to Luis António Verney, a man far ahead of his time, who valued education and left marks on the Portuguese system. He criticized traditional teaching methods, namely overly theoretical teaching. What he defended:

  • Education should be based on concrete realities and experience;
  • Elementary instruction should be given to both sexes and to all classes;
  • The State should encourage and fund education.

Therefore, the homage of our brand to “the man who taugh Portugal how to teach” is more than deserved!

Verney also wants to have a role in consciousness, for ecology and harmony. That’s why it works every day to be more than a brand, to change mindsets and to be a positive influence in society.

How can Verney do it? Through education!

Educationis all we are. As we have always heard from our grandparents, we can never learn too much. On the contrary, knowledge gives us wings. It takes us further and booksare the right tools.

Education totally shapes our life, shapes a country and society. It was the power to start and end a war. Invent and destroy. Love and hate.

As the young Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, said: “A book, a pen, a child and a teacher can change the world.” It’s in our hands to use this poweras we want, choosing a path.

Celebrate World Book Dayby reading some of our blog articles or an inspiring book!