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The new cruelty-free brand: discover the reason for the name
30 November, 2018

Many people have been asking us about the name Verney

What does this name have to do with a brand of vegan shoes? Is it a family name? Could it be the initials “Ve” bring us back to VEgan and the rest of the word developed out of pure enlightenment?

So here is the key word that will answer all of your questions: enlightenment!

Well, we gave the name “Verney” to our cruelty-free brand, inspired by a great 18th Century Portuguese philosopher: Luís António Verney, who was part of the Enlightenment movement.

Luís António Verney had a revolutionary thinking for his time, and it was in this era, thanks to great minds like his, that our forefathers evolved from an era of darkness, ignorance and inequality, to a regime where the use of reason prevailed, as well as the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

And you say: “Very good! But even so, what does this have to do with the concept of the brand?” The answer could not be easier:

Let’s make a simple analogy with the concept of the Verney brand: Verney was born of the desire to create a better world, with more freedom and more fairness for all those who live there: human beings, animals, plants…

It was born of wanting the rebirth of a new era of light, in which all of us are made aware of issues of an environmental and social nature, and in which we all want to do more and better, to give a bit of ourselves, in order to recreate a planet that is more harmonious, more secure and much more beautiful!

Who is ready to become a modern-day “Verney”?