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Timeless vs. Trends
02 October, 2019

Fashion is constantly changing. Every day there is a new trend, new colors, patterns, textures and cuts. On the other hand, the market also offers many timeless items choices.

Verney is undoubtedly a brand that defends timelessness. This doesn’t mean that we are not interested in trends. In fact, you just need to visit our online store to realize that we also follow them, we simply prefer timelessness.

When it comes to buying it’s hard not to give in to pressure. That’s why we created a checklist especially for you!

  • Do you like this trend?

Don’t follow a trend just because it’s fashionable, if it’s something you really like and imagine using. Trends can sometimes be quite bold and it’s perfectly understandable that they don’t fit into your personal style.

  • Does it look good on me?

And even if we love this trend, it’s possible that it doesn’t suit us. After all, there are so many different bodies that it can’t look good on everyone, right? Choose wisely the trends that match you.

  • Is this price reasonable?

Fashions can become expensive and investing in them all is not wise! Think about what makes sense to you.

  • Will I use this piece?

The times you will use this piece will determine whether or not it makes sense to acquire it. So, before you buy it, think carefully.


Now that you’ve figured out how to deal with trends, we want to tell you a bit about timelessness. This term refers to articles that, because of their color, texture and pattern, could be used today or in 10 years and fit well anyway. Because, basically, fashion is cyclical! Did you ever go to your mother’s closet to get an old piece of clothing and feel super trendy?

The first factor to consider if you want to have timeless pieces in your closet is quality. It’s preferable to invest a little more in these articles, knowing that you will use them for a longer time. In addition, it’s contributing to the sustainability of the planet by buying more quality and less quantity. 

Color is another very important factor when it comes to timelessness. Prefer more sober colors, such as black and white. Nudes are also timeless. 

In terms of model and cut, it’s obvious that the ideal is to choose simple lines that adapt to any trend.

With this, we are not saying you should buy only timeless articles. Balance your closet with timeless vs. trends pieces. Why not even do a look that mixes both possibilities?

You know, the choice is in your hands ?#chooseyourway