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What are the advantages of training outdoors?
01 May, 2019

When the sun begins to peek, it brings with it the urge to stay in shape. Have you tried training outdoors? If not, you have no idea what you’re missing! It has so much advantages, and we’re going to explain why.

Outdoor training gives us total freedom and brings us into a state of total relaxation, especially if we do so in communion with nature. Therefore, your mental health will undoubtedly thank you. When you train outdoors you are prone to produce melanin, that is, vitamin D, which many of us need since we’re always stuck at home and at work.

However, it’s not just mental health that sees improvements. A simple walk outdoors brings benefits to your physical health as well. It’s very important to stay active and sometimes it’s as easy as going shopping or to the coffee on foot.

Another advantage is that, unlike gyms, it’s totally free. There even no such thing as gym loyalty. You can save a lot of money, because we all know that some gyms can be very expensive. And you can train at your own pace, without pressure, comparisons and expectations!

Finally, but perhaps one of the most important advantages is that it’s sustainable. Training outdoors has no implications for the environment, as it doesn’t destroy it and, at the same time, there’s no need to build infrastructures. In fact, urban green spaces are often constructed to facilitate the practice of physical exercise. This is a great initiative to connect the urban environment with nature.

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