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Why Choose your way?
22 February, 2019

You’re probably acquainted with Verney’s slogan by now… what you still may not know is the meaning and the sense of the brand.


It could have another explanation, but we chose this slogan for a very simple reason: Verney aims to change mindsets and make people more conscious!


With the evolution of today’s world, the emergence of technologies and the many offers and facilities that we have at our disposal, it is normal for us to forget to give value to what truly has value.


Verney doesn’t want to be, at all, another shoe brand like so many others… Verney was born of a single, legitimate ambition: to make consumers more conscious. We were born to give the customer a more sustainable, ethical and more appropriate option for each personality. Our will is that in the buying process the customer has the option to choose to buy less, but buy better! We are fans of minimalism and totally against any kind of rampant consumerism. Our goal is that customers, when faced with 2 purchase options, end up choosing the one that best suits them, but also the one that will have less impact on the lives of others. That’s why our models are totally timeless with very linear designs that make them adaptable to any type of look without the need to have an endless amount of footwear.


And in this new year, do not forget to get on the right foot and choose a more sustainable path that contributes to the well-being and harmony of us all.