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Why is the ideal footwear so important?
23 October, 2019

At Verney we understand well the importance of the ideal footwear. That’s why we work daily to produce the best footwear to provide comfort and quality of life.

Notice through this article the impact that footwear has on our lives.

You should always keep in mind that footwear must give stability to the foot, which carries the weight of the whole body. In addition, it can’t change the balance of the spine, otherwise it creates imbalances that can be very harmful.

For this reason, choose the shoe according to the intended purpose: sports, professional or for social activities.

The number you choose must be the correct one because you must respect the foot format, avoiding compression and without changing the way you walk. 

Hygiene is also important for our feet and to take care of the shoes. For greater comfort the feet should have the fingernails trimmed straight, slightly bigger than the fingers tips.

Did you know that your feet sweat about 20g per day? To prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria, drying the feet is also important, especially between the fingers.

As far as possible, it’s important to keep them airy.

In the presence of any anomaly, visit a podiatrist! 

Advice from Verney

  • Practice physical exercise to strengthen the muscles and lower limbs;
  • Avoid using heels taller than 4 cm and with a narrow base;
  • When using high heels, do it for short periods of time;
  • If your job forces you to stand for many hours, wear comfortable footwear;
  • Don’t use compensations in your shoes without the recommendation of a specialist.


Flexibility of the sole, soft material and a heel of about three centimeters are particularities of a “healthy” shoe. We always take these factors into account in Verney!

As for you, always keep in mind that bad shoes will affect the health and performance of the foot and the whole body.

Try Verney’s footwear, and you’ll feel the difference in the health of your feet.