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Why should you prefer domestic products?
13 March, 2019

As a society, we are very accustomed to consuming foreign culture and products. Often, we don’t even know the Portuguese competition. Don’t you think this has to change? It’s time to prioritize domestic products, and we will explain why.

First, we present to you the most obvious reason: stimulate the Portuguese economy. By buying what is ours we are helping the country and, by helping the country, we help ourselves. Sounds pretty easy, right? And it can be if each one does his part.

Furthermore, did you know that by choosing on domestic products, you are contributing to increasing price competitiveness, quality and innovation? That is, more benefits for you. Products with more quality and at a lower price. It can’t get better than that!

But it’s not all economy and math. Buying domestic productsis, above all, believing in the “Made in Portugal”, a valued and growing concept abroad. This Portuguese pride undoubtedly elevates the Portuguese self-esteem, especially among entrepreneurs.

It’s so important to be proud of what is ours because this reflects and motivates other cultures to buy Portuguese products, thus increasing the exportation.

There is no doubt that we sell better what we believe in. And we have every reason to believe what is ours, because we have excellent labor and materials. It is no coincidence that we are known in the foreign markets as quality producers. Modesty aside, that’s because it’s totally true ?

All this to make an appeal. Choose to buy domestic products!

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