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Yoga. A sustainable sport
30 October, 2019

Did you know that doing Yoga is a new trend? This is a sport that has developed as a much more complete system than a simple physical activity. It’s an exercise of introspection, of expanding awareness through cognition and sensation. Yoga unites physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

It has many benefits, namely the well-being of the body, but it seeks a path towards a deeper sense of life.
Yoga can work as a great complement to other activities, but it can also be approached as a main activity. Each one integrates Yoga into their routine in various ways, depending on the ultimate goal.
And one of the great advantages is that you can practice anywhere, even at home. The ideal is to do it in communion with the environment because this is an ecological sport. There is no doubt that Yoga rhymes with nature.

But surely, you’ve heard that there are several kinds of Yoga, right? Notice what they are and their differences:


In this type of Yoga, lessons can be guided by an instructor, or the practitioner follows his own pace. What distinguishes Ashtanga are the heavier positions. The technique requires and teaches a lot of discipline and is suitable for those who enjoy physical challenges.

Hatha Yoga

Considered one of the most popular types of yoga in the world, this technique is suitable for anyone without any age restrictions. Classes have slower sequences, in which individuals stay longer in the same posture.

Power Yoga

A strand of Hatha Yoga, where postures are practiced more dynamically, which requires physical strength and bodily awareness. For this type of Yoga, the instructor is free to create his sequence. Therefore, the technique is indicated for those who like strong body exercises to reach the end of the lesson in a level of deep relaxation.

Integral Yoga

It combines physical and spiritual practices with psychological and philosophical approaches. And the best thing is that Integral Yoga can be practiced by everyone regardless of age. This technique ensures a quieter nervous system and spiritual connection.

Iyengar Yoga

Fairly accessible, Iyengar Yoga differs from other modalities by encouraging the use of external materials during the practice of asanas, making the realization of positions more accessible.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga works with the balance between the physical and mental body. In addition to physical techniques, it has a focus on respiratory methodology.

Raja Yoga

This type of Yoga goes beyond bodily practices, including ethics to be followed to reach the so-called stage of pure consciousness.

Now that you know the modalities, are you convinced to try out this sport?
Our advice is to practice Yoga in nature to realize the influence that this sport can have on your life. We look forward to seeing your feedback on Verney’s social networks?