About Us

We could be more of a footwear brand, we could produce our models in countries where labor is cheap, we could use banal raw materials, we could be a worthless brand.

We chose another path, we wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to reconcile fashion, sustainability, animal protection and ethics.

Our models are produced in Portugal, in factories that employ qualified labor recognized worldwide for their quality in the sector and that comply with all laws defending human rights.

Our models are composed of materials from other industries (apple, hemp, recycled plastic bottles, recycled clothing, etc.) to promote the circular economy.


Our models do not include any material or component whose composition incorporates any material of animal origin, not even glues, so our brand is considered vegan and we are certified by PETA.

Our models are recycled by us and transformed into raw material that will be used again in the production of our models ( learn more )

This is our way. What is your?


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