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Repair, Reuse, Recycle

We believe that recycling is the solution to make fashion more sustainable, so our models are almost exclusively made from recycled materials such as hemp, PET, recycled clothing, apples, etc.

We listen to our suppliers and friends, we listen to our customers, we listen to social networks because only together can we overcome this challenge.

That is how we created our sustainability program.


Take care:

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The most sustainable shoes are the ones we already have, so we must treat them with the utmost care

so that they last for many years. For our models, regardless of the material used for manufacture, we always recommend:

  • a brush to remove dust, sand, etc;
  • a cloth dampened with warm soapy water to clean;
  • a dry cotton cloth to dry.

Although it is possible to wash our models in a washing machine up to 30 ° C, it is not something we recommend as the excess water will tend to deform the shoe and make it tighter.

Creams can be used, but we advise you to follow the recommendations of each product.


Take your shoes to a local shoemaker. More than ever it makes sense to trust in the ability of these artisans, increasingly rare these days, often capable of true miracles.


Whenever a repair is impossible at your local shoemaker, contact us and we will deal with it.

The process is very simple:

  • send an email to and present the problem, attach photos;
  • we will respond with the repair budget;
  • if you accept, send us the pair to our address;
  • we will send the repaired pair to your address.



When your shoes have finally given everything they had to give, don't get rid of them, with a little of our magic they can rise from the ashes like a phoenix:

  • Collect
    Inform us by email, send us the pair to our address and after receiving the pair, we will send you a 20% voucher to our online store.

  • Recycling
    Your shoes will be crushed several times until they become powder that will be heated and transformed into plates. These plates will then be reused by us in the production of soles and other components.

    The metal parts are removed early in the process and sent for recycling.

  • Production
    The shoes transformed into plates are then used for the production of our soles and mixed with natural (30%) and recycled (50%) rubber. And it is on these soles that you will once again travel the world, perhaps even at your feet :-)

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