Conscious fashion and sustainable fashion: are they the same thing?...





Conscious fashion and sustainable fashion: are they the same thing?

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Everyone has probably heard the concepts of conscious fashion and sustainable fashion, but are they the same thing? That's what we will try to explain in this article.


As we know, the fashion industry, and especially mass production, has a very negative impact on the environment, but also on society's consumerism.

To stop these problems, these two concepts emerged. However, although the concept of conscious fashion and sustainable fashion often appear together and there are even people who think they are the same thing, the reality is that they are not.


Sustainable fashion is related to the way the products are produced and is concerned with minimizing environmental impacts. For this, fewer polluting methods are used, and one of the main goals is to produce pieces with more durability.


On the other hand, conscious fashion is when the consumer is concerned not only with the environmental issues, but also with the social issues that are behind the production of the pieces. For this, the conscious consumer, avoids discarding clothes quickly, thus reducing consumerism, and seeks to know under what conditions the article was made, namely, seeks to know if they were made in precarious labour conditions, what materials were used, or if they can be recycled.


As you can see, there are differences between both concepts, sustainable fashion focuses essentially on reducing environmental impacts, while conscious fashion focuses more on the consumer's will and concern about environmental impacts, but also social ones. In this sense, we can say that they are different concepts, but that ultimately complement each other, since they follow the same principles and oppose mass production, the well-known fast fashion

The question now is, how can we be sustainable and conscious consumers? We will leave you some tips.


Be a sustainable consumer:


- Look for pieces made from less polluting materials, such as using natural dyes and less toxic glues;

- Prefer eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic fibres;

- Look for products that are made of reused materials;

- Acquire pieces that can be used several times.


Be a conscious consumer:


- Make sure it is a quality piece and therefore lasts for several years;

- Obtain information on how the piece was produced, for example if it involved slave or child labour or animal cruelty;

- Know if the materials used do not harm the environment;

- Prefer second-hand clothing;

- Always ask yourself if you really need and will use that piece.

With all this information and tips that we have given you, you no longer have any excuse to confuse the two concepts! So, we invite you to adopt these practices in your daily life and contribute to a better future.

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