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Tips to Become more Eco-Friendly

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The activities of human beings to live in society have a very negative impact on the environment and some of its consequences are well known, such as global warming.


To minimize this there are very simple Eco-friendly practices that you can implement in your daily life and thus help the environment and the planet.

What are these practices? We will show you below...


  1. Do it yourself

There are many objects that you can give a second life.  For example, you can reuse a glass bottle to serve as a flower vase. This is just one of the thousands of ideas that exist, just search in the internet, have a little creativity and voilà.


  1. Use reusable bags

An eco-friendlier initiative is to put aside the plastic bags and replace them with cloth bags. This helps in the reduction of plastic and the cloth bags are much more resistant.


  1. Reduction and separation of garbage

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the amount of garbage consumed, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption and waste. On the other hand, it is essential to take a few seconds out of your life to separate garbage so that it can be properly treated and recycled.


  1. Change your diet

You can become more eco-friendly by changing your diet. It doesn't mean that you need to radically change what you eat, you can start by understanding the origin of the products you consume, because before being consumed they go through a long way that cause or not a social and environmental impact. We give you the suggestion to reduce animal products and favour products of plant origin.


  1. Pay attention to the packaging

This tip can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, whenever possible opt for packaging that is eco-friendly and more sustainable. Secondly, start looking at what is written on the packaging and understand whether the brand in question has eco-friendly practices or tests on animals. This can bring you many surprises!


  1. Avoid over-consumption

Consumerism is a big problem in our society and besides, we are surrounded by advertising all the time.  Start thinking before you buy and always ask yourself if you really need it, if you don't already have something similar or if you have something at home that can be recovered or reused. This helps to reduce waste and believe me, the environment thanks you. You can learn more about conscious consumption in another publication we made for you.


  1. Use public transport

For many this may be a hassle, but the reality is that air pollution is responsible for a lot of health and environmental damage, such as the greenhouse effect. If it's possible we suggest you leave the car at home and use public transport or even another means like the bicycle. In Amsterdam the use of the bicycle is very common, why not do the same in your country?


  1. Prefer sustainable clothing and shoes

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries, especially the one linked to fast fashion. Therefore, adopt an eco-friendly attitude and buy sustainable products that follow the principles of slow fashion. You can see some eco-friendly shoes in our online store.


  1. Pay attention to cosmetic and health products

Many cosmetic and health brands test on animals before being approved for consumption. After their consumption, many of these products can continue to have a negative impact on the environment, generating waste and superbugs. You can start by preferring eco-friendly brands that do not test on animals, and always take care to know how to properly throw away the product.


  1. Invest in digital solutions

It may seem like something ridiculous since we live in a digital age, where technology is very present in our lives.  However, the production and waste of paper is still huge.  How many times have we printed several sheets and after a few weeks or even days we didn't even know where we had kept them? You can become more eco-friendly by using more digital resources. Here are some examples: digital contracts/documents or even digital signatures.


Finally, our last suggestion is:  inspire others! Change some habits in your daily life and share them with others.

It may not seem like much, but with a few more sustainable and eco-friendly habits and by spreading the word we are contributing to a better tomorrow!

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