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The importance of sustainable fashion for our future

  • by: Verney - Sustaintable Shoes
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Studies show that the sustainable commitment of brands is already one of the criteria in consumer choice when they are making shopping.


This is undoubtedly a great advance for the world and especially for the environment. As we know and we have already mentioned in our blog, the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, producing a lot of waste and toxic gases. Which in turn contribute to climate changes that affect our planet, deteriorate our quality of life, and cause changes in people's social behaviour. An example of this is synthetic fibres that when they are washed, the microplastics break down and end up in the oceans. Consequently, animals ingest them, and they can end up on our table.


The awareness of this problem and the adoption of more sustainable practices have already made a great advance, but there are still many doubts, mainly due to misinformation. However, it is essential that consumers are informed, so that they can make more conscious decisions.


Is there a way to stop this? Yes, through the adoption of sustainable fashion. In fact, sustainable fashion is an alternative to the traditional textile industry and can be a solution to the problems caused by it.


Sustainable fashion prioritizes respect for natural resources, animals, and society at all stages, including valuing the people involved in production.


For this, sustainable fashion uses less polluting and sustainably produced raw materials in order to reduce waste and use resources correctly.


In addition, sustainable fashion is concerned with fair pay, an end to labour exploitation, and even the durability of products over time.


If we continue to be consumers of the traditional industry, especially fast fashion, environmental problems will continue to get worse, natural resources will disappear and among other problems that will appear, compromising future generations because of us.


Sustainable fashion is therefore essential to combat these problems and should be adopted from now on, as soon as possible.


Sustainable fashion reduces the damage of the textile industry on the planet. For example, adopting measures such as choosing natural fabrics that do not contain pesticides in their composition preserves the quality of rivers and soils.


Compared to decades ago, society has already made great advances in terms of consciousness. However, we need to act to stop the problems. It is essential that the whole world adopts new, more sustainable habits, and although it may seem a difficult task, nothing is impossible!

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