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4 Wonderful Sustainable and Ecological Museums

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Can the concepts of sustainability and ecology also be instilled in museums? The answer is: yes!


For those who do not know, museums have some difficulty in implementing these concepts . But why?


First of all, it is necessary to understand that museums must follow a series of strict conservation conditions. Among these conditions is the recommendation of a temperature between 20 and 22 degrees and relative humidity between 40 and 45 % for museums with paintings in galleries, or even air-conditioning of the rooms for archaeological museums in order to preserve skins, metals, or bones.


As you can see, these conservation conditions that museums must follow to the letter are not exactly the most sustainable and ecological conditions that exist.


Although it is almost impossible to get around these conditions, as art pieces can be very fragile and require a lot of care, museums are starting to try to implement more sustainable measures in their structures. We can thus say that, in general, sustainable and eco museums besides promoting greater awareness of environmental issues, are energy efficient and sustainably managed.


In this way, museums are the proof that, despite the difficulties and the strict conditions that they must follow, it is possible to implement practices which are in line with sustainable development and the fight against climate change.


Which sustainable and ecological museums exist?


Need a little escape from your routine? Although summer is over, you can still visit magnificent places around the world.

Museums are always a great option in any season, that's why we're going to share with you some sustainable and eco-friendly museums you can visit on your next trip.


1- California Academy of Sciences, USA


This sustainable museum is located in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, USA and is considered one of the top ten natural history museums.


In 2008, this museum was completely rebuilt after an earthquake, and one of the concerns of the architect in charge, Renzo Piano, was precisely to make this museum more sustainable.


So, in what aspects is it a sustainable and ecological museum?


  • It recycles rainwater for irrigation;
  • It produces 50% less wastewater than before;
  • Uses natural lighting in 90% of occupied spaces;
  • Includes 5000 tons of recycled steel;
  • Uses 60,000 photovoltaic cells;
  • Includes a green roof


In this sustainable museum, there is no doubt that the green roof is one of the most admirable works! The museum's 10,000 square metre roof is covered with native plants, which in turn act as thermal insulation and absorb around 13 million litres of water per year! Furthermore, it is important to point out that this ceiling has been integrated naturally into the landscape, thus blending in with the surrounding landscape.


If you were curious, don't miss the opportunity and buy your reservation now!


2- Museum of Tomorrow, Brazil


We can say that this is one of the greatest futuristic sustainable museums you will find all over the world!


This museum of applied sciences was built in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is definitely worth a visit.


In what aspects is it a sustainable and ecological museum?


  • It has solar spines that move along the skylight;
  • It uses the site's natural resources, such as water from the Guanabara Bay, used to air-condition the museum's interior and reused in the water mirror;
  • Includes digital exhibits;
  • Oriented towards the ethical values of sustainability.


Besides having practices and a sustainable structure, the museum also instils these sustainability principles to its visitors. On the one hand, through the perspectives of sustainability, the museum explores the challenges and opportunities that humanity will have to face in the coming years and, on the other hand, it promotes innovation, divulges the advances in science and tells how we may live in the next 50 years.


Another sustainable and ecological museum not to be missed!


3- MUSE Museum of Science in Trento, Italy


MUSE, is a science museum that was opened in 2013. This museum replaced the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences and was designed by the architect Renzo Piano, already mentioned above for his sustainable practices and constructions.


In what aspects is it a sustainable and ecological museum?

  • It uses renewable energies;
  • It has intelligent water and temperature control;
  • It includes a greenhouse;
  • Its transparent structure allows for natural ventilation;
  • It has the recognition of LEED Gold certification.

When you go to Italy don't forget to include this sustainable and eco-friendly museum in your list of places to visit!


4- Quai Branly Museum, France


Quai Branly Museum is located in Paris and was opened in 2006.


This museum has a slightly different concept to the previous ones and is proof that sustainable and eco-friendly museums do not only apply to science museums. This museum is a national and art museum where objects from the civilisations of Africa, Asia, Oceania, and America are on display.


 In what aspects is it a sustainable and ecological museum?


  • It has around 8000 m2 of plant walls;
  • It has some 15,000 plants from different countries and continents;
  • It’s an example of biodiversity.


This museum has invested more in vegetation, making it a beautiful green lung in the middle of the city, especially in a city as agitated as Paris!


These incredible sustainable and ecological museums are undoubtedly worth a visit, so if you go to one of these countries, don't forget to visit them. We're sure it will be worth it!

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