The New Cruelty-Free Brand: Find out the origin of the name Verney ...





The New Cruelty-Free Brand: Find out the origin of the name Verney

  • by: Verney - Sustaintable Shoes
  • Marcas

Many people have been asking us about the origin of the name Verney... 

What is the connection between this name and a vegan shoe brand? It's a family name? Is it because of the initials 'Ve' that refer to VEgan and the rest of the word came to us by simple enlightenment? 

Well, here is the keyword that will clarify all your doubts: enlightenment

Well, we have chosen the name 'Verney' for our cruelty-free brand, inspired by a great Portuguese philosopher of the 18th century:  Luís António Verney, who belonged to the Enlightenment movement. 

Considering his time, Luís António Verney had a revolutionary thought, and it was in this period, due to activists like him, that our ancestors evolved from a time of darkness, ignorance and inequality, to a regime where the use of reason and the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity prevailed. 

And you say: 'Very well!  But still, what does that have to do with the brand concept?' The answer couldn't be simpler: 

By making a simple analogy with the concept of the Verney brand:  Verney was created with the purpose of creating a better, freer, and fairer world for all those who live in it: human beings, animals, plants... 

It was created with the desire of wanting to reborn a new era of light, in which all of us are sensitized to environmental and social issues and in which we all have the will to do more and better things, to give a little of ourselves, in order to recreate a more harmonious, safer and much more beautiful planet! 

Who wants to become a 'Verney' of the modern times?

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