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The Ideal Shoe for Each Type of Jeans

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Did you know that not all shoes go with all types of jeans? Although many people think that everything looks good with jeans, whatever their format, the reality is that in practice this is not exactly true.

Jeans arrived in the world around the 19th century and were initially used as a cloth for male workers. However, with time they gained more popularity, especially when they were introduced to actors who played cowboys in Hollywood. For a long time, jeans were worn only by men, but women also started to wear this item as a way to demonstrate gender equality. In this way, with time, society began to accept and adhere to this piece of clothing, even becoming part of the catwalks of renowned fashion houses.


Today, jeans are a basic piece of clothing for anyone, no matter what gender they are. With this, jeans have also been evolving, and it is possible to find different types of models, with different forms, shapes, and colors. In addition, thanks to environmental concerns, it is also possible to find sustainable jeans!


Since jeans are a very common piece of clothing, in this article we want to show you which is the ideal shoe for each type of jeans to create a more harmonious outfit.


Straight cut

The straight cut is a traditional type of cut that is characterized by a straight cut down to the ankle. For this type of jeans, the ideal shoes are boots with a low cut, basic sneakers, or even high heels to elongate the silhouette.  For this type of cut, we suggest our Vain model or our Venera model. 


Wide flared cut

The typical wide flared pants have a more vintage look, very similar to the 70's. This cut, which widens along the leg to the ankle, is perfect to elongate the legs and therefore the silhouette. Therefore, to give this effect, we suggest that for this type of cut you prefer heels rather than flat shoes. Boots with a thick heel, like our Veronica boots, are the ideal shoes for these jeans! Since these pants mostly hide the shoe, you can go for rounded or pointed shoe tips for a more elegant outfit.


Skinny cut

This type of cut is characterized by being a tight type of pant, with an effect like a second skin. Being a tight-fitting model, it ends up highlighting the body shapes. 

Skinny pants are a very versatile type of pants that go with almost everything and with almost all styles, so we cannot say that there is an ideal shoe for this type of cut. In this sense, you can perfectly wear flat shoes, like our Vanille Canna White sneakers, or if you want to elongate the silhouette you can opt for heels, like our Victoria model.


Boyfriend cut

The boyfriend jeans have come to really give the feeling that you have stolen the jeans of your boyfriend, so this type of pant is characterized by being a looser and more relaxed pant. In addition, it is quite common to find several holes in this type of pant model, to give even more the idea of relaxed pants. The ideal shoes to go with boyfriend jeans are precisely more relaxed shoes, such as sneakers or flat boots, like our Viki model.


Mom cut

Mom jeans are considered cousins of boyfriend jeans, with the difference that they are inspired by our mothers' pants. In this sense, these pants have a more vintage look, are high-waisted and are wider at the legs and hips, adjusting at the ankle. Despite their 70's style, these types of pants are quite modern and can be further modernized with the ideal shoes for these types of jeans!

For mom jeans we recommend trend shoes like our Vilar model or the Vella model.

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