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Documentary Films about the Fashion Industry You Cannot Miss

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We have previously given you some suggestions for interesting films and documentaries about sustainability, ecology, or the food industry. In fact, if you haven't had a chance to read that article yet, we invite you to do so because you will find great suggestions to watch.


In this article we want to give you some suggestions for movies and series about the fashion industry, which will, on the one hand, make you understand the reality that hides behind this industry, and on the other, will change your view of things. In the end, we believe you will better understand the emergence and strength that sustainable and conscious fashion and slow fashion has been gaining more and more force.


Take note of the documentaries that most interested you and get your popcorn ready !


  1. The True Cost

This 2015 documentary directed by Andrew Morgan focuses on showing the impacts of the fashion industry on society and the planet.


In this documentary several aspects of the fashion industry are discussed, from the way clothes are produced to the post-production effects. It is important to note that the topics covered and the documentary itself includes interviews with experts and people in the field, such as environmentalists and factory owners.


Since its premiere in 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival, this documentary has received many positive reviews, so it is an excellent suggestion to watch. This documentary is available in open access and can be easily found on the internet, such as Youtube.


If you are curious, you can watch the official trailer here.


  1. RiverBlue

We present you another incredible documentary where you can see without filters the impacts caused by the fashion industry and more precisely fast fashion.


This documentary that premiered in 2017, follows the journey of Mark Angelo over three years. This renowned rower traveled several rivers around the world and witnessed in person the impacts that the fashion industry is causing on the environment, namely on rivers and water in general.


You can watch this documentary online, more precisely on the official website of the documentary.


To make you more curious, we leave you here the official trailer of this documentary, which you cannot miss!


  1. Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Is it possible to slow down fast fashion? At a time when human beings are buying more clothes than ever, this documentary that follows Alex James, tries to understand why this is happening.

Premiered in 2016, this documentary aims not only to understand the excessive consumption within the fashion industry, but also the environmental impacts caused and possible alternatives to fast fashion, such as slow fashion.


This documentary can be viewed on Amazon, and you can take a look at the official trailer here.


  1. Machines

If you want to get a better and deeper insight into what life is like for workers in the fashion industries in developing countries, this is the ideal documentary for you. This documentary, which was released in 2016, portrays the reality of the factory environment of a large textile factory in India.  In this film, you can see the exploitation they suffer, the poor working conditions or even the dangers to which these workers are subjected, which in the long run, can seriously affect their health.


You can find this documentary on Amazon, and you can watch the official trailer here.


  1. Sweatshop - Dead Cheap Fashion

Have you ever thought if we came face to face with the reality that hides behind the fashion industry? If we lived for a few days what these workers experience?


Well, that is exactly what happened to three young Norwegians who are passionate about fashion and addicted to shopping. For this documentary, these young people were challenged to experience the reality of the fashion industry in Cambodia. For three months they worked 12 hours a day in a factory, experienced the hardness of this work, lived in local people's houses, and had the opportunity to see and hear real testimonials.


Throughout this journey, it is possible to see the exhaustion and pressure they feel during the workday, or even the way they are impacted by the living conditions of these people, which is undoubtedly opposite to theirs.


Without a doubt, this is one of the documentaries you must see, because we believe that for these young people this experience has been a great life lesson, and for us viewers it is as well.

Although it is a documentary series, you can easily find a shortened version of this series on the internet.



  1. The Next Black

After seeing all this reality, we invite you to watch this documentary that focuses on the future of the fashion industry. Will the fashion industry remain this dark or is there still hope? That is what you will find out in this documentary through different opinions.


Topics such as sustainability, technology, and the future of clothes are discussed.

This short film can be watched freely online, for example on Youtube.



Did any of these films catch your curiosity? You can share your opinion with us or leave suggestions for other movies that can be added to this list.

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