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Why Don't we do Sales?

  • by: Verney - Sustaintable Shoes
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And the sales are here, but (un)fortunately for Verney that great moment has not arrived and never will.


The sales are for many the most awaited moment of the year because it's that time when many people take the opportunity to buy that much-desired item at a cheaper price.


At a time when the summer sales are already underway, we wanted to explain why Verney, and the slow-fashion brands don't have sales at any time of the year.


  1. Fair prices

It should be noted that eco-responsible brands like Verney support the fair remuneration of all workers involved in the production process. In this sense, unlike fast-fashion that looks for places with very low production costs and consequently miserable working conditions, slow-fashion brands carry out their productions in places where there is a fair remuneration and good working conditions.


Moreover, in addition to production costs, brands have a series of other costs they have to pay, from taxes, transport, shipping, administrative costs, investment in upcoming collections or even salaries.


Finally, nowadays all alternative and sustainable materials have higher costs than a synthetic material, for example. In this sense, slow fashion brands end up paying more for their raw materials, compared to fast fashion brands where prices are very low.


As you can see the list of costs is long and obviously, we are not complaining, because we work with passion, and we are proud of our sustainable values.


With this brief explanation, we want to show that the final price of each shoe or product of a sustainable brand is determined considering all the costs involved.


Not having a sale thus supports fair prices all year round, thus ensuring that no one is disadvantaged.


  1. We do not support extreme consumption

With the arrival of the sales, people can finally buy that item they want so much, but the reality is that in addition to that item they end up buying this or that thing, not because they need it, but because it's at a 'good' price. This has certainly happened to you, right?


We can say that sales in a way encourage excessive consumerism, something that ethically responsible brands like Verney do not support.


As a matter of fact, brands that follow slow-fashion principles produce pieces on a small scale, thus supporting as low consumption.


We also remember that excessive consumerism brings with it a series of negative consequences that affect the environment since all these compulsively purchased items are later, for the most part, discarded incorrectly, thus polluting the environment even more.


At Verney we don't have sales, but we know that during sales season the temptation to buy is huge. Our advice is to always ask yourself if you really need what you intend to buy and if you're going to put it to good use.


We hope you have understood our explanations and if you want to buy one of our 'cheaper' shoes you can check our outlet, where you will find older models and end of series.

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