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Second-Hand Stores: Reasons to Buy Second-Hand Clothes

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It is no longer news that the fashion industry has a very negative environmental impact, derived mainly from fast fashion, where the level of disposal of garments is surreal. This constant discarding leads to tons of garbage piling up in landfills. Consequently, the environmental footprint of the fashion industry is quite high, surpassing even the shipping and air transport sectors combined.


It is in this sense that more and more slow fashion brands are appearing, which work towards sustainability, as well as we see more and more awareness to this issue.


What is the role of second-hand stores in all this?

This is probably the question you are asking yourself right now: what do second-hand stores have to do with all this? Actually, even if you think it's a thing of the past, second-hand stores have an equally contributory role to play in reducing the environmental footprint.


Beyond sustainability, find out some of the reasons why you should buy your clothes from second-hand stores:


  1. It' s more sustainable

As mentioned, the fashion industry has a terrible environmental impact, however, as we know, we have the need to keep getting dressed and to do so, sometimes we have to buy something. The two most sustainable solutions for this are either to buy from an environmentally friendly brand or to buy from a second-hand store.


In this sense, second-hand stores turn out to be a sustainable solution, because instead of clothes being discarded and ending up in a landfill, they have the chance to extend their useful life by being bought by someone else.


In this way, boots that someone no longer wears and are in good condition, instead of being thrown away, can be put up for sale in a second-hand store and make someone happy.


This second life cycle allows for a decrease the demand for new items and to extend the life of what already exists and is in good condition.


  1. Clothes last over time

You are wrong if you think that when you buy second hand clothes, they will not last long!


Many of the times the clothes sold in second hand stores are high quality and even big brand clothes or accessories.


Normally, when the clothing or even shoes are of quality, made from good materials, they tend to last for many years and even a lifetime.


In this sense, even if the item has already had another life and belonged to someone else, it is possible that it will still last a long time. Obviously, the care you take during washing and even drying will also be important factors.


Also, when clothing and shoes are made from quality raw materials and therefore last over time, the environment thanks you!


  1. You will save money

Buying new things, especially if they are of good quality, can be expensive. However, the great advantage of buying second-hand clothes is precisely the price.


Second-hand stores have much more reasonable prices than stores selling new items. In addition, you can often find almost new items, or even well-known brands, at better prices in second-hand stores.


So, by buying second-hand items you can put a few bucks in your pocket.


  1. You can affirm your style

Second-hand stores are unique places where you can find beautiful relics. Each store is different from the other and you can find items of all colours and shapes, of all styles and even from different eras.


In this sense, second-hand stores are the ideal place if you're looking for different pieces of clothing or accessories to affirm your style. They are also the ideal place to give free rein to your imagination and create a style all your own, corresponding to your personality.


You may also end up exploring new styles and pieces that you never thought you would wear before.


With these reasons you have more than enough reasons to go into a second-hand store and explore. We are sure that you will find some beautiful relics and that after this experience you will buy only from second hand stores!

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