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5 Spring/Summer Trends that you can Combine with Verney Shoes

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, so it's time to take a look at the spring/summer 2023 trends. And as always, we will share with you the latest trends to be on the cutting edge of fashion!


This season's trends promise to bring a lot of joy through strong colours, vibrant patterns, and light fabrics, find out all about it here below:


  1. Tropical patterns

Tropical and flowery patterns are already a classic in summer, and, as could not be otherwise this year, they are also part of the spring/summer trend lists.


These patterns, which are composed of elements from nature such as leaves or flowers, naturally transmit feelings of joy, freshness, and lightness. Feelings that are connected with the summer season.


This year these patterns will be mainly used on dresses or skirts, so if you want to be on trend, don't hesitate to invest in these pieces.


Which Verney shoes can you combine with?

It is known that our shoes are timeless and modern, so they match perfectly with current trends.

For the floral and tropical pattern trend, we suggest lighter and more casual shoes to match with the lightness that these patterns transmit. Our Vigo sandals or our Violet sandals will be the perfect shoes. However, in case you prefer to go with a sneaker, we suggest our Vanille Canna White model. As this model is made of hemp, the sneaker is light and breathable, ideal for hot days.


  1. Striped Patterns

We can say that the striped pattern is a timeless pattern whether it is winter or summer.


Last year we saw this pattern being a big spring/summer trend, especially in tops, and this year it will continue to be a big hit. The only difference from last year is that the pattern will be used more on shirts, especially oversized shirts.


So, whether they are vertical or horizontal stripes, you can wear them as much as you like...but always in a way that enhances your silhouette. Obviously, anyone can wear the stripes they want, but did you know that vertical and horizontal stripes have their differences? In case you don't know, here are some tips:


  • Vertical stripes give the impression of lengthening, leaving the silhouette thinner. These stripes are ideal for those who want to look thinner or for those who are short;
  • Horizontal stripes, on the contrary, create an optical illusion that enlarges the body. This can be positive or negative depending on each person's morphology.


Which Verney shoes can you combine with?

We recommend a good pair of sneakers with this trend, especially if you decide to go for that striped shirt. A striped shirt, a pair of tailored pants, and a pair of white sneakers and you have an elegant and trendy look, ideal for a day at the office or for a day out with friends. For that we suggest our timeless Venera sneaker or our elegant Velia sneaker.


  1. Transparencies

The trend for transparency has been around for a while, but without a doubt it will be a big spring / summer trend 2023.


We will see transparency mainly in details or strategic parts, such as sleeves.


For those who like to dare, you can risk wearing completely transparent tops or dresses. The tip is to wear pretty bralettes or tops underneath.


This trend is ideal for special dinners, birthdays, or even parties.


Which Verney shoes can you combine with?

With this trend you can combine various shoes depending on the type of piece and its style.

If it is a transparent blouse with a more classic cut, you can opt for a timeless pair of shoes, as is the case with our Velia model. If, on the other hand, it is an all-transparent evening dress or pants you can opt for a modern sandal like our Vicken model.


  1. Strong colours

No doubt that summer calls for strong and vibrant colours and that is exactly what we will see throughout this season.


Red, orange, pink or even yellow will be some of the colours that will be most present in clothes, prints or even accessories.


For those who like to dare, they can even create a complete look with a vibrant colour or even create a mix of unusual colours, such as pink and orange.


But if you are a fan of discretion, you can opt for just one colour on a piece of your choice.

Which Verney shoes can you combine with?

For this spring/summer trend we cannot avoid recommending our Violet sandals in yellow.

Bright yellow will be one of the colours to be on trend this season, so our sandals are perfect for those who want to be fashionable. A great tip for those who like to be more discreet or who don't dare too much in colours is to use colourful accessories or shoes.


  1. Oversized pieces

Oversized pieces have been a big trend, especially in winter. This year we will see this trend, which is inspired by the 80's/90's, become part of the hottest season of the year through blouses and shirts.

The secret to a well-done look with this trend is to know how to balance the proportions by wearing slimmer pieces at the bottom, such as pants or skirts.

Which Verney shoes can you combine with?

There is no doubt that this trend is becoming more and more popular, especially among the younger generations. In this sense, this trend deserves shoes that are equally on trend, such as our Vella shoes (in black or pink) or the Valens model which, like this trend, is also inspired by the 90s.


These are some of the spring/summer trends for a season that promises to be colourful and stylish. Tell us what your favourite trend is!

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