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Fast fashion x slow fashion: Advantages and Drawbacks

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The fast fashion and slow fashion models are known to all those who are into the world of fashion, but have you ever sat down to analyse in detail the characteristics of each one? We are pretty sure you haven't, and that is what we intend to do in this article.


In this way, we will talk about these two models, showing what they are and showing the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


Stay with us!


Fast fashion


This model appeared around the 90's and the objective was to look at the trends that were presented on the catwalks and to produce on a large scale for the public.


In this way, we can say that fast fashion is a model of clothing production in a fast way where low quality materials are used, so that the pieces are more accessible to the public.  Consequently, the products are manufactured, consumed, and take away quickly.


Why are they take away faster? Simple, because lower quality materials are used, consequently the items are of lower quality as well, and less durable. This leads to the pieces being easily discarded after a few uses, thus generating tons of waste.  As you can see, this becomes a vicious circle that is not good for the environment, nor for consumerism.


But the problems don't end there, linked to fast fashion are also issues of slave/child labour, poor working conditions, use of environmentally harmful materials, among other things.


As you can see, is not all roses, behind this industry hides a lot of negative things.


Let's look at some advantages and disadvantages of this model:


Advantages of fast fashion


-more variety, due to fast production

- lower prices

Disadvantages of fast fashion


- use of toxic chemicals

- use of dangerous dyes

- use of synthetic fabrics

- use of non-recycled and/or non-recyclable materials

- quick discarding of the product

- mass production

- labour exploitation

- animal cruelty

- production of huge amounts of waste


The list is huge and could go on, and as you can see, we are facing social problems as well as environmental ones.


The question now is how to solve this because the truth is that we can't just stop dressing up and walking naked in the street.


So, let us show you how you can continue to buy articles that are more eco-friendly and follow the principles of conscious fashion.


Slow fashion


You probably know the slow fashion movement, but for those who are not yet aware of it we will explain it to you briefly. (you can read more here)


Slow-fashion emerged to oppose fast-fashion and implements solutions that respect the environment, animals, and people. Also, it focuses on slowing down consumerism. 


Advantages of slow fashion


- Waste reduction

- More sustainable consumption

- encourages local business

- valorisation of small producers' production

- decrease of mass production

- greater environmental awareness

- use of sustainable materials

- greater durability of products

- respect for the human, animal, and environmental side


The advantages are numerous and solve some problems caused by fast fashion industry. However, there is only one disadvantage in all this, and it is related to the high cost. Slow fashion is concerned with the durability of products, to reduce the production of waste from these products being quickly discarded.  For this, it is essential that quality materials are used so that the product has a higher quality as well. Consequently, this leads to the final price presented to the consumer being higher compared to fast fashion articles.


In this case, you must consider whether you prefer quantity or quality and be conscious of your choices.


We invite you to look at the following picture where you can find some differences between these two models.

We believe that having all the information at your disposal allows you to make the choices in a more conscious way.

Now it is up to you to do the right thing!

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