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Eco-Friendly Shoes and Vegan Shoes: Are they the Same Thing?

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In our blog, you can find an article where we talked about eco-friendly shoes and in that same article, we posed an interesting question: can vegans buy eco-friendly shoes? As this question has a lot going for it, we decided to address this topic in this article.

Answering the question: it will depend. But why does it depend, so it's not the same thing? In fact, there may be a little confusion, but eco-friendly footwear and vegan footwear are not the same thing. They both have a different concept, which may or may not complement each other.

So, let's see what eco shoes and vegan shoes are and how they differ:

Vegan shoes

Vegan shoes are not exclusively for vegans, but they are definitely the core audience. Since veganism is a way of life, vegans need shoes that follow their principles.

Thus, vegan footwear should be a product created without any animal ingredients.

However, the term 'vegan' implies just that. Although shoes or any other product is considered vegan, they may be tested on animals. On the other hand, cruelty-free products, which are not tested on animals, may in its composition have ingredients of animal origin, not being considered vegan products.

It is important to keep in mind these small details, especially if you are vegan, because they are details that make all the difference.

Eco-friendly shoes

Eco-friendly shoes aim to reduce the impact on the environment. Their main aim is to reduce carbon footprint, water consumption and the use of synthetic chemicals.

To do this, less toxic materials, recycled materials, and organic fibres are then used to make the product more eco-friendly.

So, what is the big difference between eco-friendly shoes and vegan shoes?

In case you still don't understand, the big difference is that eco shoes are primarily concerned with environmental impact, while vegan shoes focus on animal protection, namely the use of animal-based ingredients.

Reducing environmental impact does not imply animal protection, and animal protection does not imply environmental protection. So, in general, eco-friendly shoes cannot be considered vegan unless they do not use animal products.

Therefore, if you are vegan, you should always take care to know the brand's concept and the products used in the shoes.

Are Verney shoes eco shoes or vegan shoes?

They are both! At Verney, sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare are highly valued concepts that are taken into account when creating all models.

As a result, the brand uses more eco-friendly and sustainable materials, and does not use animal ingredients. It also does not test on animals, making it a cruelty-free brand!

In this way, Verney's aim is to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion while protecting animals.

That's why Verney is proudly an eco-friendly and vegan brand!

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