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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe?

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Surely, you've heard of the capsule wardrobe concept. Haven't you? You can read our previous article on this subject.

As we promised, today we are going to help you create a capsule wardrobe, so stay tuned for our tips:


  1. Find your personal style


Finding out your style is a very important step because it will be the base of your capsule wardrobe.


There are some people who know perfectly well what their style is, however, there are others who are not entirely sure and that's okay!


So, to find out and define your style, we invite you to reflect on the subject and ask yourself some questions:


- What image do you want to transmit?

- Which clothes do you feel most comfortable in?

- How do you feel most beautiful?

- What do you need to wear in your daily life?


These simple questions can help you define your style and therefore the clothes you most identify with.


  1. Take all your clothes out of the wardrobe


We know that this step is the most boring and will probably turn your house upside down, however, believe us it's something you should really do!


For this step, we recommend you take all your clothes out of the wardrobe, put them on a flat surface and look at all the pieces you have.


Then save the pieces you love and wear regularly for your capsule wardrobe; put the ones you wear less frequently in a box and sell or donate the ones you never wear.


At the end of this step, you'll realise how many clothes you don't even wear anymore, and you'll probably even find pieces you didn't even remember you had.


  1. Choose your colours


For a capsule wardrobe to work, it is essential that the pieces match each other. To make this possible, you should think and choose a colour palette that you like and that you identify with.


Many people end up choosing more neutral colours, such as black, white, brown, or even beige, as these are easier to match with each other.


However, this is not a rule and if you are someone who likes colours or even prints, there is no problem. You can create a colourful and patterned wardrobe, as long as you make sure you can match everything.


  1. Complete your capsule wardrobe


After doing the wardrobe cleaning, you will certainly get the feeling that you don't have a lot of clothes, so to create your capsule wardrobe, it is essential that you define how many pieces your wardrobe will have.


Each one can define how many pieces they want to include, however the most normal and most common is to include 33 pieces in total. To do this, make a list with the categories of pieces and define the number of pieces you will have per category.


You may be wondering if underwear should be counted as well. The answer is no. Clothes such as underwear, sportswear or loungewear are not counted in a capsule wardrobe. However, we suggest you do the same triage and keep only what you wear frequently.


To give you an idea of what we are talking about, we leave below a capsule wardrobe suggestion for summer:


Dress: 3

Skirt: 2

Shorts: 1

Jeans: 2

Pant: 1

Jacket: 2

Blazer: 1

Shirt: 3

Blouse: 5

T-shirt: 5

Sneakers: 2

Sandals: 3

Heels: 2

Bag: 1


Here's a capsule wardrobe suggestion you can put into practice today!


Making this list by category is very important because it allows you to count the total number of pieces and helps you understand what kind of pieces you need the most.

It is normal that, after cleaning out your wardrobe, you notice that something is missing. Therefore, we suggest that you pick up what you need from your box that you kept before you thought of buying.


Finally, we leave you with a last tip: invest more in tops!


In any season, we wear more tops, so don't hesitate to include more, and include less bottoms.  To compensate, you can include more shoes or even accessories that will give a different touch to the look, without making them look the same or repetitive.


The secret of the capsule wardrobe is really creativity and the ability to combine pieces.

This ability may not come naturally, but in time you will learn and even have fun thinking and creating different looks with just a few pieces.

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