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The Eco-Friendly Materials that are Used in Verney Shoes

  • by: Verney - Sustaintable Shoes
  • Marcas, Sustentabilidade

As you probably know, brands like Verney that are sustainable, and vegan have to reinvent themselves in the production of their products.


If a few years ago we had told other generations, that it was possible to make shoes out of apples or cactus, they would probably have told us that we have lost our minds!


However, times have changed and in the 21st century, anything is possible!


Thus, in order to create eco-friendly and cruelt- free products, eco-friendly materials with good durability and quality are currently used. In fact, from the point of view of slow fashion, durability over time is very important and therefore the materials used in the products must be high quality. Although some people may still have doubts about the quality of sustainable materials, the reality is that these materials are as good or better than the materials traditionally used in the industry.


In this sense, with the advancement of technology and studies on the subject, we currently have more and more durable and good quality options.


In this article, we want you to know more about our products. To do this, we will show you which eco-friendly materials we use to make our shoes.


  1. Apple

One of the eco-friendly materials that our brand uses is apple. We use the leftover apples used in the food industry, which would otherwise be thrown away. For example, food industries that produce juice always have leftover apples that cannot be used, so we recover the leftovers, such as peels.


After a long process, the leftovers are transformed into a durable microfiber, which has characteristics very similar to leather.


In our models, we use this eco-friendly material on the outside of the shoe, like in the Veronica or Venera models.   


  1. Cereals

Once again, we reuse the leftovers from the food industry, such as cereal husks, to produce our models. At the moment we are using the leftovers of corn.


To produce this eco-friendly material, the cereals are added to a microfiber, and this is how we develop some of our liners.


This grain-based lining is present in models such as the Violet Nobuck Black.


  1. Hemp (cannabis)

Hemp, which is derived from cannabis, is one of the eco-friendly materials increasingly used in the fashion world. Our brand uses hemp which, after a transformation process, gives origin to a fibre.


This fibre is very resistant and, when combined with cotton, it offers additional comfort.

This material is usually used on the outside of our models, like our Vanille Canna White or  our Violet Canna.


  1. Recycled plastic

As we know, the problem of plastic in the oceans is a more and more worrying issue. That's why our brand uses recycled plastic bottles collected from the Mediterranean Sea.


The plastic is turned into yarn and then into fabric that can be used on the outside of shoes.

In our brand, you can find this material in the Vella model, for example.


  1. Cactus

Finally, here is another eco-friendly material that we have started to use in our new collection: cactus!


Our brand reuses cactus to replace leather.


After a long process, the cactus is transformed into powder and can then be mixed with recycled cotton to be used as leather. This material is then used on the outside of the shoes.


Some of the models made with this sustainable material are the Vanda model  or the Vilar model.

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