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10 Tips to Take Care of your Clothes and Give them More Years

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Who hasn't had that feeling that their clothes are easily damaged and that they need to constantly buy new ones? Well, this feeling is present in many people. In fact, some even feel the need to renew their closet every season, which is very negative for the planet.


Have you ever wondered that this probably happens because of the care you take with your clothes? The care you take with your clothing greatly influences its durability. Another aspect that we all know already that increases the durability of clothing is undoubtedly the quality of the materials. Clothes from the slow-fashion industry are made to last for years, not months like in the fast-fashion industry.


However, in this article we want to give you some tips on how to take care of your clothes in a more correct way, and which consequently help to increase the durability of the clothes.


  1. Wear your clothes regularly

It seems a bit contradictory to suggest that you wear your clothes more frequently, because we have the idea that the more often, we wear them, the faster they get damaged, right? However, clothes that are kept in the closet for too long will also eventually deteriorate. In fact, it is recommended that from time to time you take your clothes out of the closet and let them breathe the air, especially the clothes for the following seasons.


  1. Absorb humidity in closets

Moisture eventually causes stains or even mould, causing your stored clothes to deteriorate. In order to help take care of your clothes, it is recommended that in addition to letting your clothes breathe from time to time, you also absorb the moisture in your closets.

For this you can use bags with coffee, bags with baking soda, or even rice.


  1. Avoid washing frequently

We don't want you to think that we want you to walk around dirty, that's not the case! However, in order to take care of your clothes and give them more durability, try to wash your clothes only when necessary. There are more sensitive materials that end up not resisting many washes. However, there are other materials like denim that are more resistant to dirt and can spend weeks without being washed.


  1. Wash at low temperatures

High temperatures end up damaging the fabrics of your clothes a lot, so we recommend that you wash them at cold or low temperatures (30º).


  1. Avoid using bleachers

Bleach used in excess can end up helping to damage and wear out your clothes. Also, they can have the opposite effect, depending on the material or fabric, they can yellow your clothes.


  1. Wash some items by hand

Some items are more sensitive and should not be washed in the washing machine, such as underwear. Therefore, we suggest that you hand wash some items that are more sensitive. If you do need to wash them in the washing machine, put them in mesh bags to protect them from the centrifuge and from contact with other items.


  1. Hang out and take your clothes off the clothesline in a strategic way

An excellent tip to conserve your clothes and allow them not to need ironing is to be more careful when you hang out and remove the clothes from the clothesline.

For example, when it's time to hang out, avoid placing springs in areas that will create folds, and when it's time to take the clothes off the clothesline, fold them neatly or place them directly on a hanger.


  1. Avoid ironing

Ironing clothes too often can end up damaging the fabric of the clothes. For this reason, we recommend that you iron only what you really think is necessary. If possible, iron inside out or with a protective cover; you can also follow the previous tip for clothes that you will not iron.


  1. Do not iron dirty clothes

Ironing clean clothes damages the fabrics enough, but ironing dirty clothes is much worse! By ironing dirty clothes, you run the risk of fixing the stain, which will make the next wash more difficult, since the stain will not come out easily and you will need to wash the clothes several times.


  1. Don't forget to clean the washing machine

Finally, in order to take care of your clothes, we recommend that you clean the place where you usually wash them: the washing machine!

Washing machines have a filter that should be cleaned fairly regularly, so be sure to do this. Also, washing machines can and should be cleaned every six months with water, you can also put two glasses of vinegar in the drawers and do a wash with nothing. This will help to clean your washing machine better.



With these tips you now know how to take care of your clothes so that they are more durable and so that you avoid spending money on constantly buying new clothes because yours are broken. We're sure the planet will thank you and so your clothes will too!

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