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Tips for Getting Rid of Single-Use Plastics

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Did you know that every year about 58 million tons of plastic is produced in the EU, 40% of which is used to package products?


As we know plastic is a great enemy of the environment and despite the measures taken by the European Union in order to reduce it, as you can see by the data, many tons of plastic are still produced every year.


The good news in all this is that, since the great majority of this plastic is for single use only, it is possible to reduce the consumption of plastic if each person changes some habits in their daily life.  If we think about it, what is the point of producing something that will be used only once and thrown away afterwards?


In this sense, in this article we will give you some tips to put an end to single-use plastic once and for all.


  1. Don't buy or use plastic bags

Although nowadays plastic bags are no longer offered when you make a purchase in a physical store, it is still possible to pay to get one.

We recommend that instead of buying, you always have your own reusable bag with you. Also, if you are buying fruit or vegetables replace the plastic bags available in the store that are only good for one use and opt for reusable bags, such as paper or cloth bags.


  1. Don't use disposable cups

It is quite common to see disposable cups in coffee machines or even water machines in public places such as businesses. However, it is quite simple to get rid of this single-use plastic since there are other more sustainable options such as glass, paper, or even aluminium.


  1. Don't use plastic straws

Straws are yet another headache and a typical example of single-use plastic.

Straws can be quite useful, however those made of plastic end up being negative to the environment. Many plastic straws end up in the oceans, where they turn into micro-particles that menace many marine species.

Therefore, we recommend avoiding their use and opting for straws made of other materials, such as paper, bamboo, or aluminium. If you can, avoid even the use of straws.


  1. Avoid plastic bottles

Most bottles containing liquids, such as water or juices, are still sold in plastic bottles. However, at home you can change this tendency and start using reusable bottles, such as aluminium bottles. These bottles can be taken everywhere, and the advantage is that you can use them over and over again.


  1. Reduce your consumption of chewing gum

Chewing gum contains plastic in its composition, so we recommend that you reduce its consumption and always put it in the trash. There are now other options, such as natural and ecological chewing gum.


  1. Replace plastic Tupperware

This utensil that is part of our lives, especially those who take lunch to work, is undoubtedly very useful. However, we recommend that you replace plastic Tupperware for recipients made of glass or steel. Besides plastic being bad for the environment, it can also be bad for your health since these objects can release harmful substances.


These are some of our tips that you can implement right now in your daily life and thus avoid the consumption of single-use plastic. Don't forget that the planet thanks you and together we can fight for a better future!


Check out our list of curiosities below:



  • 1 plastic bottle- 500 years to decompose
  • 1 plastic bag - 400 years to decompose
  • 1 plastic straw - 200 years to decompose
  • 1 plastic cup - 100 years to decompose
  • 1 toothbrush - 500 years to decompose

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