Minimalist Lifestyle: Understand What it is and How you Can Adhere ...





Minimalist Lifestyle: Understand What it is and How you Can Adhere to it

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Can the amount of material possessions that surround us really make us happy? In the society we live in, there is a growing desire and race for 'more and better,' which encourages consumerism and creates more stress in today's society.


Wouldn't it be simpler if we lived with less and enjoyed life more? That is exactly the philosophy of the minimalist lifestyle.


The minimalist lifestyle is a lifestyle that consists of simplifying life, keeping, and living with the essentials, leaving aside everything that is 'too much' and superficial.


The goal of this lifestyle is not to stop buying, but to cut down on excessive consumption and to buy consciously.


It is important to note that since minimalism is a lifestyle, it applies to all areas of life, including decoration, food, clothing, footwear, transport, and even hobbies.


Are there any advantages for the environment?


Yes, because those who practice the minimalist lifestyle buy and use what is strictly necessary, consequently the use of resources is reduced to a minimum, resulting in the cycles of use and disposal becoming slower. Obviously, this ends up being very positive for the environment, as it allows less environmental damage to be done.


Other advantages of the minimalist lifestyle:


Besides the environmental advantages, the minimalist lifestyle also has other interesting advantages namely economy, organization or even helping others.


By making a conscious consumption, buying only what is really necessary the minimalist ends up being able to save money more than a typical citizen who makes unnecessary expenses. In the long run, those who follow a minimalist lifestyle may even see their assets increased faster.


On the other hand, when we talk about organization, we are talking for example about getting rid of that stuff you have in your drawers and don't even know where things are anymore. Since those who follow this lifestyle live with only what is necessary, at home and everywhere else, it will be much easier to keep things clean and organized. Therefore, for the minimalist, spending hours looking for that document that is lost in the middle of a drawer will be a thing of the past!

If you decide to change your life and adopt a minimalist lifestyle you will have to let go of many things you have, in this sense it is an excellent opportunity to help the others and donate those things you no longer need or want.


You are interested in this minimalist lifestyle after hearing all these advantages, but you don't know where to start? Don't worry, we are here to help you!


Here below are some tips on how to start adopting a minimalist lifestyle:


  1. Do some cleaning

To start this change of lifestyle, begin with a major clean out of your life on all levels, from clothes to decor items and even furniture.


The keyword here is really to let go! Select what is really necessary in your life and what you need and separate yourself from everything that is taking up too much space.


Since letting go can be complicated, you can make the process easier by starting by selecting those things you have stored and no longer use. On the other hand, for those things that you are hesitant about, we suggest that you ask the question if you are really going to use them and if they are really necessary.


Since one of the principles of the minimalist lifestyle is to reduce waste, it doesn't make sense to throw things away. In this sense, we suggest donating or selling things if they are in good condition.


  1. Do a smart organization

After cleaning always comes the time to organize, right?  Organizing is essential in the life of a minimalist, in fact one of the 'rules' of this lifestyle is precisely to find everything you need in less than 5 minutes.


Therefore, after doing a general cleaning you should organize everything in the most intelligent and practical way possible to have everything you need always at hand.


One thing is certain, once you get rid of the stuff you have, this will be a simple process that will later make your life easier.


  1. Buy only the essentials

Adopting a minimalist style also implies buying only what is necessary, whether it's clothing and shoes or even at the supermarket shopping level.


The minimalist secret is to avoid things that take up too much of his time, so you certainly won't see a minimalist making a very elaborate and time-consuming meal. Therefore, supermarket shopping should be smart and practical, so that cooking is simple and quick. For example, you can make a list with the essential products you must buy, so you avoid buying unnecessary things by impulse.


  1. Reduce luxuries

In today's society there is an insatiable race to acquire more and more luxurious and better things. However, have you ever stopped to think whether we really need that much luxury in life? There is an old saying that says that money does not bring happiness, and it really is true! Sometimes the simple things are the ones that really bring us joy and happiness in life.


Where to start? If you want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle you can for example start by thinking about if you have the right vehicle for your needs. What does this mean? For example, let's say you have a family of 3 people, and you only use the vehicle for short trips, from the point of view of the minimalist lifestyle there is no need to buy a top-of-the-line car with 7 seats and full of extras (add-ons). We are sure your wallet will thank you!


This is just one of the thousands of examples that exist, the goal here is that every time you want something more luxurious you think about if you really need it.


  1. Invest in quality

Last but not least, the key point of this minimalist lifestyle is to change your consumption mentality and understand that sometimes less is more.


In this sense, being surrounded by what you really need, it is essential that the few you have are of quality so that they last longer in the long run. This means that you should prioritize quality over quantity. This is an advice that we have been giving, and it applies not only to those who follow a minimalist lifestyle, but to all ordinary people.


If you have identified with this minimalist lifestyle, we hope that these clarifications and tips have helped you.


Start changing your life right now!

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