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The Most Sustainable Countries in the World

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Have you ever wondered which are the most sustainable countries in the world? Today, around the world there are countries that are more sustainable than others, and thanks to studies it is possible to analyse the level of sustainability of each country.


One of the best-known ways is through the Environmental Performance Index, a method created to measure and numerically rank the environmental performance of each country's policies. It is important to note that this method is carried out by Yale University and Columbia University, where studies are conducted periodically and the ranking of each country is updated.


How do they manage to do this ranking?


This method analyses each country, calculating some important criteria in terms of sustainability, such as: environmental health, where air or water quality is included; or even the vitality of ecosystems, including biodiversity, forests, or even agriculture.


Through the Environmental Performance Index we can then find out which are the most sustainable countries in the world.


Which are the most sustainable countries in the world?


According to the latest 2022 data from the Environmental Performance Index, the country at the top of the list, considered the most sustainable, is Denmark with a score of 77.90 points. This Nordic country performs well in almost all of the criteria mentioned above, and even ranks first in several of them, such as species protection or wastewater treatment.


In the top 5 most sustainable countries, after Denmark, we see the presence of the United Kingdom, followed by Finland, Malta, and lastly Sweden.


Something curious to note is the fact that Europe dominates the top of the most sustainable countries in the world, thus showing its commitment to environmental sustainability. In addition, we see that the best placed countries in the ranking have in common the fact that they adopt long-term commitments.


Which are the least sustainable countries?


This method analyses 180 countries around the world, and besides allowing us to determine the most sustainable countries, it is also possible to see which countries are the least sustainable around the world.


In this sense, according to the most recent data, the 5 least sustainable countries are: Pakistan, with a score of 24.60 points; Bangladesh with a score of 23.10 points; Vietnam with a score of 20.10 points; Myanmar with a score of 19.40 points; and lastly, the least sustainable country according to this ranking is India with a score of 18.90 points.


If you are interested in this subject you can check the official data provided on the Environmental Performance Index website or the full report available on the same website.


Sustainability is a very important issue, so it is always good to be aware of this information and to know the positions and sustainable commitments of our countries. Stay tuned!

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